Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Floral Bargain

I called into my local Asda one day not really looking for anything in particular but i must have been having a good day as i spotted a cute floral print coming from the sale rack so went over for a look and found these amazing trousers.


I found these trousers in a 20 and decided to try them on, i usually wear a 22 in trousers but as these are made from a thin scuba material with stretch i thought i might as well give them a go. I went to the changing room and to my surprise they fit and with room! I think comfy trousers that look smart are really hard to find so i was really pleased with these. Even better they were only £4!


I wore these the next day to work to test them out for comfort and i can confirm they are very comfy. I wore them with Simply Be eyelash knit jumper which kept me super toasty all day. I think these will look cute with a plain cami and my denim jacket in the summer too.


I couldn't find these online but Asda do have a similar pair here on the website if you want to give something similar a try. 
I hope you are all having a great week.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Wants and Needs

Just a quick post today to show you a few things that i have my eye on at the minute. I am trying to sort out my wardrobes and the ever growing floordrobe so i really shouldn't be adding to it but these are all calling my name and I'm not sure i can resist for much longer.

This waffle top will be so cute with shorts this summer.
This skirt is super cute and i love the wrap over detail too. At only £14 its a great price for something you could wear with so much already in your wardrobe.

How beautiful is this skirt?!

And i now have a new found love for the duster jacket and this is hitting all the right spots for me!

Now i am not the biggest trainer fan ever but these i can definitely see me wearing!

Whats on your wish list right now?

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Cosy with Curvissa

I was contacted recently by the lovelies at Curvissa who asked if i wanted to do a coat review with a few other bloggers, I'm always on the look out for something cute to keep me warm especially with all this cold weather we are having at the minute so i said yes and was sent this beauty to review.

I got this coat on Monday night and wore it the next day to work, i was so glad of it too as it was absolutely freezing outside and it kept me lovely and warm! Sorry for the quality of the pictures they were taken on my phone during my break at work as i wanted to show you the coat in daylight and i seem to be leaving home and returning in the dark at the minute.

 how beautiful is this coat?!
This beauty is available here
This coat is amazing I'm in love with it already and i can see it becoming my go to coat this winter. I went with a size 20 as i have had a few pieces from Curvissa in the past and find the sizing to be generous, so my advise would be to size down in this coat. The coat comes to my knees so its a really good length, i have a few faux fur jackets but i find my bum does get a bit chilly in this weather without any coverage!

The coat fastens with 3 hook and eyes and a button at the very top, i did find when i sat down they did come undone a few times but this might have been me rushing to fasten in on my way outside. The faux fur is really soft and quite thick and the arms are the perfect length for me as i tend to find with most coats i have lots of material left at the arm and they swamp my hands.

As you can see i can fasten up the coat with no issues or gaping and it was very cosy and comfortable to wear. This is available in either leopard print or black faux fur, it is priced from £140 but it is defiantly worth the money, the fur is soft and none of it has come off which has happened to a few of my faux fur jackets in the past. I'm totally in love with this coat its just perfect and something i will wear over and over again for lots of winters to come.
Check out the other ladies getting involved too,


Monday, 19 January 2015

You Beauty

I have had my beauty box for this month for a few weeks now but I've finally got around to taking pictures and sharing it with you. I can't say that i was overwhelmed by this months choices, i feel like was one of the worst months however there was still something i would choose. And for the bargain price of £6.95 i still covered the cost of the box with my choices.
First up i chose the DHC cleansing oil which i love, I've already gone through 2 of the small bottles of this and i was about to buy some more when it turned up in my choices this month. This is worth £4.50 for the smallest bottle but its really worth the price. It doesn't leave my face oily at all and takes of my make up easily. I have recommended this to so many people and its the only thing i will use to clean my face.

My other choice this month was the Sainsburys boutique nail polish. There was two colours to choose from and i went with a rolling stone gathers no moss which is a really deep dark green. I used this a few days after my box arrived and it was opaque with one coat and didn't take an age to dry either.

My little extras this month were dragonfly teabags, i was sent three different flavours of this but haven't tried any of them yet, a £25 hello fresh voucher card which is not something i will use and finally a sample of dove bb hair treatment.

Even though this months choices weren't the best I'm looking forward to next months box and i will continue to subscribe as i don't think you can beat the value of this box and i do look forward to my little treat every month.
Do you subscribe you any monthly boxes?

Thursday, 15 January 2015

That's What Friends Are For

Me and Lisa like to get together once a month at least and let our hair down and dance the night away. I started my week off with a day of shopping and a night on the tiles with Lisa and a few other lovely ladies.
We met up after Lisa had finished work and had a quick browse around Meadowhall where i found this amazing jacket from New Look. I had seen it online but i was unsure what size i would need or how a longer jacket would look on me.


I went with a size 20 in the jacket as i liked the slightly oversized look but if you wanted it to be more fitted then i would suggest sizing down twice. I wore this outfit the very next day as i couldn't wait to take my new jacket out for a spin.


The jacket is super lightweight and made from a crepe type material so it is easy to layer up but it would be great during the cooler summer nights too. This jacket is also available in a fabulous lime green and black, i love the green but it just doesn't go with my hair unfortunately.


Lisa very kindly donated this cute dipped hem top to me. I absolutely love it, its lightweight and looks cute tucked in or out. This top is a size 30 but i really love how oversized it is on me without looking like it doesn't fit me. This was originally from Simply Be but I'm not sure how long ago so you may still be able to find it online.


Yet again I'm wearing my Matalan jeggings they seriously don't come off my butt i love them !! Thanks to Lisa for the top and the fabulous night dancing too :)

Friday, 9 January 2015

Winter Floral

Sorry its been a bit quiet over here for the past week or so, i have been enjoying a week off which was filled with dancing, shopping, reading and spending time with people i love! I hope you have all had a great week too.
Now this jacket is one that i got in the sale just after Xmas from Matalan i didn't even realise it was in the sale until i got to the till and at only £8 it made my day.


The jacket is a size 20 and as its made of scuba material it has plenty of stretch meaning i could get away with a size down from my usual. I was drawn to the print of the jacket as soon as i saw it in store.


I wore this during my week off to go and do  bit of shopping with the Mr and to check out the last of the sales. I didn't find much in the sales but i did get myself a new Stephen King book which I'm hoping to finish by the weekend and some hair dye so my lovely Mr is sorting out my roots.


I wore this with a peplum tshirt that i got from Asda about 2 years ago and my favourite acid wash jeggings which are also fro Matalan. I honestly love these so much i have bought a second pair, these ones are a size 20 from the petite section but when i decided i wanted a second pair they only had them in the Rodgers & Rodgers section so my new pair are still a 20 but a bit longer in the leg and £2 more expensive! Which makes no sense to me at all if you can sell it in the straight size section for £12 I'm sure you could do the same for your plus size section.


This jacket is super comfy and it will be perfect to add to so many outfits. The floral is really vibrant and i love how it is collarless too. I do have a bit of a thing for blazer style jackets and this one is perfect for my collection.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Outfit Favourites from 2014

I wanted to share with you my favourite outfits from 2014 so here they are in no particular order,
I wore this outfit at Leeds Pride and i loved everything about it, the clashing prints and of course the shorts!


This was a dress i wore for Lisa's birthday in Blackpool i spent the night dancing away in it and loved every minute.


This was a cheap and cheerful outfit that made me feel amazing. I love the boxy cut of the top with the tube skirt.


I remember the day i found these on Fashion World i was the happiest girl alive. Plus size dungarees! need i say more.

This picture is actually making me miss the purple hair a little. I wore this outfit a lots last year including a very cold wet night out with Lisa.


Because its true i do love them! Also these Claire Richards jeans are the most amazing jeans I've ever worn.


This is a bit of a blurry one but i loved this dress so much i had to include it.


Having never been a fan of swing style i remember trying this on in Simply Be and falling in love, it was the perfect addition to summer.


This is the underwear i modelled at Plus North, i had a great day and met some amazing people and this was my favourite outfit of Plus North.


This was one of those outfits i just threw together but ending up really loving. The dress was so beautiful and this denim jacket is perfection.


So those were my ten favourite outfits from 2014 they all have amazing memories attached. So here's to another year!
Happy New Year everyone :)