Thursday, 22 January 2015

Cosy with Curvissa

I was contacted recently by the lovelies at Curvissa who asked if i wanted to do a coat review with a few other bloggers, I'm always on the look out for something cute to keep me warm especially with all this cold weather we are having at the minute so i said yes and was sent this beauty to review.

I got this coat on Monday night and wore it the next day to work, i was so glad of it too as it was absolutely freezing outside and it kept me lovely and warm! Sorry for the quality of the pictures they were taken on my phone during my break at work as i wanted to show you the coat in daylight and i seem to be leaving home and returning in the dark at the minute.

 how beautiful is this coat?!
This beauty is available here
This coat is amazing I'm in love with it already and i can see it becoming my go to coat this winter. I went with a size 20 as i have had a few pieces from Curvissa in the past and find the sizing to be generous, so my advise would be to size down in this coat. The coat comes to my knees so its a really good length, i have a few faux fur jackets but i find my bum does get a bit chilly in this weather without any coverage!

The coat fastens with 3 hook and eyes and a button at the very top, i did find when i sat down they did come undone a few times but this might have been me rushing to fasten in on my way outside. The faux fur is really soft and quite thick and the arms are the perfect length for me as i tend to find with most coats i have lots of material left at the arm and they swamp my hands.

As you can see i can fasten up the coat with no issues or gaping and it was very cosy and comfortable to wear. This is available in either leopard print or black faux fur, it is priced from £140 but it is defiantly worth the money, the fur is soft and none of it has come off which has happened to a few of my faux fur jackets in the past. I'm totally in love with this coat its just perfect and something i will wear over and over again for lots of winters to come.
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  1. That coat is gorgeous, and it looks so fabulous on you! It's very you! xx

  2. Ooh, that is lovely! You look fab. xx

  3. Oooh it's lovely, shame it's way out of my price range. Love the print and looks super cosy too.


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