Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Mums Birthday

It was my Mums birthday recently so me and the hubby went over for a visit and to take her her presents. For her birthday i decided to do something a little different and make her up a gift hamper, i added some home made cookies and all the sweets and treats we used to enjoy together when i was younger.We had a lovely day and finished it off with a yummy chinese :)
Here's what i wore on the day

This dress is one that i picked up from the fat swap from the lovely Becky, i really love it. I believe it was original from asda and is a size 22, the fit for me is perfect! 
The dress has a thick elasticated waist and is made from a lovely thin cotton, its sleeveless so perfect for the summer time.


I love the print on this dress, i really like floral print and think the black background makes this print stand out really nicely.
I wore this with Primark tights and my Tesco cardigan, i added a handmade brooch and my new headband which was a gift from the lovely Lisa.



I thought i would share what my lovely hubby wore on the day, as the lady in paperchase commented, you can't go wrong with Micky.


Have you celebrated anything recently?

Monday, 25 February 2013

Plus Size Outfit Day

This months Plus Size Outfit Day theme is 'an enchanting dating outfit". I decided to show you something that i would wear on a "date night" with my hubby.

This dress is one i bought when i went shopping to Doncaster back in January. 


The dress was from Simply Be i decided after trying on the 22 and the 24 that the 24 was a better fit for me. I really love how the maxi skirt bottom is sheer and gives a cheeky glimpse of whats underneath.
I paid full price for the dress which was £55 and it has now gone into the sale for £33 but has quickly sold out in most sizes.


This dress is really comfy and it looks great on, i really love how the top has a lovey 3d felt texture and that the mini skirt is covered with the lovely sheer maxi. I think the combination of the two is super cute!



I decided to keep the outfit fairly simple, i wore my Irregular Choice shoes which were the first pair my hubby ever bought me so i like to wear them for special occasions. I added Primark faux pearl earrings and a hair clip that I've had for a while.


So there's my 'date outfit' now go and check out the other ladies

Hope you all had a lovely weekend :)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Falling like Dominos

I have been stalking eBay like a woman possessed recently in search of the Beth Ditto domino dress from her collection a few years ago with Evans. I hadn't been able to find the right size,when i did the bids were so high i couldn't afford them or like a complete idiot i forgot that a listing was ending.
The lovely Rebecca came to my rescue and asked if i wanted to buy her dress that she had just won from eBay but didn't fit right, i didn't have to be asked twice and said yes straight away!

Ever since i saw Lolly in her domino dress i knew i needed it in my life she looked absolutely amazing! So another big thank you to Rebecca for thinking of me before selling the dress to someone else :)


This dress is just perfect i love it so much ! There are no labels at all in the dress so i can't say what size it is but it seems to come up small from the reviews i've read so if you do spot one on eBay i think it may be best to size up.


The dress is made from a jersey material with a stitched in lining which i think helps it to sit right. I could talk about this dress all day the sleeves, the length, the print its just amazing!
I wore this dress to Lolly's birthday lunch and it was really comfy to wear and make me feel great.


The tights are from Primark ages ago as was the headscarf and i added a handmade brooch. The Little Mermaid is my favourite disney film and Ursula is one of my favourite characters so i made her into a brooch.


Do you obsess over an item until you own it ?

Friday, 22 February 2013

Be still my beating heart

I have never dedicated a post to one item but that had to change when i saw these…
Say hello to Irregular Choice Flopsy

Taken from the IC Hong Kong FB page

Taken from the IC Hong Kong FB page

How cute is the little bunny ?! 
I first saw these shoe when the lovely Pink Haired Princess Gemma blogged about them here
They are yet to hit the UK site but are on sale on the Hong Kong site at the minute, i really can't wait till they come into stock so i can see them i the flesh.
What do you think to cute rabbit shaped heels?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Leopard and Disney

This dress is one that i bought from eBay just after Christmas i won the bid at £6.99 which made it much cheaper than the buy it now options of this dress that were also being sold.

The dress was brand new and original from New Look i had bought i burguandy one from them a few months earlier and found it very easy to wear so though it was a good time to pick up another colour at less that half the price.


I got this in a size 22 and it fit well but its very short on my 5 4' frame, this is definitely not a dress i can bend over in! Its made of a thick jersey so its perfect for the colder weather and it came with the cute leopard print belt too. I paired it with my thick black tights and handmade Little Mermaid brooch.


I also love how the dress has half sleeves so you don't need to wear a cardigan or coat, so many plus size dresses seem to be sleeveless which is great in the summer but often means lots of layering in the winter time.
Heres a close up of my Ariel brooch that i made over the weekend isn't she a cutie?!


Have you got any eBay bargains recently?

Monday, 18 February 2013

A Casual Bargain

I was  browsing the Very website one morning when i spotted a lovely summery jumpsuit for the bargain price of £5.32 ! I quickly added it to my basket and it was delivered a few days later.
Its just as summery and cute in real life i love it.

When i ordered it i thought it looked like a polkadot print but i was pleasantly surprised when i opened the package and it was actually these tiny flowers.
I decided to show you the jumpsuit as i would wear it in the summer with my hair up and my face make-up free.
It seems all the cool kids have a top knot in these days so i wore one especially for you ;)


I ordered this jumpsuit in a 24 as its cotton and i knew it wouldn't have any stretch. I'm really happy with the fit of the top of the jumpsuit but the bottom half is a little on the small side. As I'm sure I've mentioned before i have really large calves so straight leg trousers can be a pain, these are quite tight on my calves but still fit and with it being cotton its very soft so not unbearable.


I love jumpsuits and playsuits as you know and this is a great addition to my collection, i can live with the tighter legs because for £5.32 i got an amazing cute jumpsuit perfect for the warmer weather. Unfortunately the jumpsuit had sold out now on very but there are still plenty of others on there if you want to get your summer wardrobe ready.


Are you a jumpsuit fan or does it feel too much like going out in your pj's?

Friday, 15 February 2013


This months Fatshionolgie theme is floral, this is the third month of the challenge you can see the previous two here and here.

Here a little re-cap on what Fatshionolgie is,
Fatshionologie is a blogger style challenge born out of a discussion on twitter in hopes it would help to create a new exciting content for out blogs as well as show that each new style "theme" can be rocked by a variety of different body shapes!
Here is my take on floral.

I had planned to wear something different for the floral theme but i wore this dress to work one day and decided it would be perfect.


This dress was an eBay bargain at £4.99 ! It was originally from Asda and is a size 24. When i saw it on eBay i knew i had to have it, i developed a bit of a maxi dress obsession last year and this was the perfect addition to my collection.


I wore the dress with my Tesco cardigan and some Primark flats which you can't see. I really love this dress its super comfy and i love how bright and colourful it is and i think its perfect fro the floral theme.

Check out the other ladies 

Are you embracing florals while its still chilly outside?

Claire Richards for Fashion World

As I'm sure many of you know Claire Richards is the new ambassador for Fashion World. If you don't recognise the name you may know her as Claire from Steps, come on i know you remember some of the dance moves!
Claire has picked out some of her favourite pieces from fashion world which you can see here, I'm sure you agree there are some amazing pieces.
I have picked out a few of my favourites too

This dress is amazing i love the print and the cut you can get it here for £70.

Next up is this cute bird detail belt here in black or blue for £18, great for adding a little extra detail to a plainer outfit.

Another lovely dress with little bows all over, how perfect would this dress be for the summer!? Yours for £38.

As you all know I'm a sucker for playsuits and jumpsuits and i love this jumpsuit. Its a great colour and i think it would look fab for a night out with some heels and a bit of sparkle. Here for £44.

How amazing does Claire look in these pictures?!
I was contacted and asked if i could ask Claire one question what would it be? My question to Claire was,
Which piece form your wardrobe is guaranteed to make you feel fabulous?
Claire will be answering this along with some other bloggers questions over on the Fashion World next week.
Which is your favourite piece from Claire's picks?

*UPDATE* Claire has now answered the question that myself and others asked her and you can see her answers here.


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Black and Orange

I was lucky enough to pick this cute little dress up from the swap last month, it was brought to the swap by Bettie. As soon as i tried it on i loved it the cut is great and it felt really cute on with a hint of casual.

Ive worn this dress several times since i picked it up from the swap its a great colour and its the comfiest dress I've ever worn! The dress was originally from Asos and is a size 26, it has an elasticated waist panel at the back which helps to create a waist. This dress also has pockets which is always a bonus!

I told a joke while the hubby was taking the pictures
he didn't think it was that funny but i thought
it was!
I wore this to Rebecca's house on Saturday night, where i had a fabulous time and lots of yummy food and cakes.
I wore it with my Tesco leggings and cardigan which I've had for ages but its so comfy and fits so well that i can't bare to part with it. I also wore the lovely horse necklace that Beth gave to me for my birthday.


This dress is just one of the reasons that i love clothes swaps i can't wait for the next one! They are a great day of meeting up with people, getting rid of your unwanted bits and finding some new gems to update your wardrobe.


I hope your all having a great week :) thank you as always for stopping by and having a read.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Super cute Strawberries

When i was sent some images of the new pieces at Curvissa by the lovely Lizzie from Freshwater PR this vest jumped out at me straight away. The print is so cute and i knew just what it would go perfectly with, my new short shorts!

How cute is the strawberry print?!


I wore this to go for Rebecca's birthday lunch with lots of other lovely people and it was really comfy, although I'm not sure how weather appropriate it was as it was pretty cold and rainy outside but i thought it looked so cute once it was on, i wasn't changing.


I was sent the strawberry print vest in a size 22 and the fit is perfect, the material has a little stretch to it and is a lovely soft cotton. This will be a great little vest to wear during warm summers days and the print makes it stand out from the plain vests that you see everywhere during the warmer months. The vest is available in sizes 14-32 for £14 which is a great price for a cute 100% cotton vest.


I wore the vest with my New Look shorts in a size 22, Primark headscarf, thick tights and my gorgeous Curvissa leopard print cardigan in a 18/20. You can see my previous post on the cardigan here.
I really love this whole outfit I'm so happy it came together just as I'd imagined.
Do you buy something and know instantly how you all wear it ?

This item was sent for review but all opinions are my own i was not paid to write this review.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Feeling Crafty

I thought it had been a while since i posted some of the bits that I've been making so i thought I'd give you a quick look into my craft box.
Most of these are brooches as i have a bit of an obsession with them if I'm honest i use can't resist making them as well as buying them!

All brooches, the crocodile is a kinder egg toy and the gold bird was
from a headband that broke.

My Little Pony brooches

Brooches made from buttons

I finally managed to make some cardigan clips yey!!

The grandma and grandpa from Hello Kitty made into brooches

More My Little Pony brooches, these have hair

Hello Kitty bus driver brooch

Button rings

Do you make anything? I'd love to see it :)
Hope your having a great weekend I'm at work today so I'm missing my weekend lie in boo hoo :(