Sunday, 28 December 2014

Sale Bargains

I hope you are all well and enjoyed any time off you might have had over the last week. I thought today i would share with you my sale bargains. Now i did want to go to Meadowhall to check out the sales but i didn't fancy getting trampled on so i stuck with my local shopping centre. I was really pleased with my sale bargains so here they are, i haven't been able to get any actual pictures of my haul as the light has been so bad recently!
I went into Matalan not really expecting to come out with anything as i find it very hit and miss but i was pleasantly surprised with my finds.
I picked this floral scuba blazer up in a 20 and didn't actually realise it was in the sale until i got to the till. The size 20 was a good fit for me and i really like the fact it doesn't have a turn down collar like you see on most blazers. When i got to the till this was down in the sale to £12.50 what a bargain! Unfortunately this is no longer on the website but they did have quite a few in store so you might want to check there.

I also managed to get a velvet pencil skirt which i have been wanting for ages. I nearly missed this as i was looking for a skater skirt and when i didn't find one i went back around the sale section a second time and just as i was going to the tills i spotted it. This was a steal at £4, again it is no longer showing online but you might find it at your local Matalan.

I popped into Boots as i always like to see what gift sets are left at half price and as you will see quite a few took my eye.
Now i may have mentioned before that i have a bit of a thing for cheap perfume that smells like sweets. I wear it for work because i like to save my more expensive perfume for going out and i like to smell like a sweet shop. This was only £4.50 and you got 3 small bags of Jelly Beans and 6 roller ball perfumes, which all smell lovely and are the perfect size for your bag.

Next up was a So... gift set i picked up for £5 this smells really nice and fresh, you get a large and small bottle of So.. Sexy but both are perfect for you bag, you also go a lovely lipstick which is a good shade for work not too in your face.

Lastly i got some mini big brand perfumes, i hadn't even smelt any of them before but for £9 i though i would give them a go. I've already picked out my favourite, it has to be the Mochino pink bouquet. This is no longer online but your local Boots might still have a few left.

The rest of my sale shopping has been done online as the snow came down quite heavy Friday night which meant i didn't make it out shopping on Saturday.
I bought myself two new bras and some knickers from Simply Be, i love the Simply Yours bras so i decided to get the plunge 2 pack to add to my collection.
I also made my first Forever 21 order and bought myself this velvet skater skirt.

Have you treated yourself to any sale bargains?

Saturday, 20 December 2014

You Beauty

I'm quite late with this months beauty box post but I've been super busy and had lots of family stuff to do so i haven't had chance to get this up before now.
I'm really pleased with this months box so first up was choice number one

I went with the Colab dry shampoo duo, i was sent London and Rio and they both smell nice and fresh although i think Rio is my personal favourite. Ive used them both and found them to be good but not quite up there with my favourite dry shampoo. These are both 50ml cans so a decent size and but small enough to fit in your handbag.
My second choice was Teeez nail polish in frosted gleam

This is a really lovely polish and once you put on two coats its pretty much opaque. I have never used this brand before but i would definitely try more from them, even the packaging is cute! This is a lovely silver glitter, you could also get a bronze coloured one but as i didn't have a silver glitter in my collection i thought i should add one.

Lastly here are my extra treats, i was sent a lindt bear which i loved and some hackers foot healer, i used one of the two samples of this i got and it did leave my feet soft so i think after a few uses your feet would be super soft! The last sample was Yardley blue orchid moisturiser i haven't used this as my skin is quite sensitive to perfumed moisturisers.
What did you choose this month?

Monday, 15 December 2014

Feeling Fabulous this Christmas

I was contacted recently by Daxon who had the idea of a post around feeling fabulous this Christmas, as soon as i saw the idea i knew i wanted to get involved. I decided to base my outfit around going out and feeling fabulous this Christmas time. Anyone who knows me will know who much i enjoy getting dressed up so i knew i wanted sparkles because who doesn't feel fabulous in sparkles?! I also wanted to get items that i could use all year round and that could be dressed up a number of ways.


So here is what i decided on, as soon as i saw this skirt i knew i wanted to base the outfit around it. I've wanted a sequin mini for as long as i can remember and this one ticks all the boxes! I went for a size 22/24 and the fit on this is pretty spot on, there is room for me to dance and move comfortably while its still a figure hugging skirt. There is some stretch to the skirt so you aren't restricted in it at all.


I decided to go for a shirt as i thought it would look cute with the skirt but again its something i will get lots of wear out of after the christmas season. This shirt is a size 24 and fits really well with no gaping which i always have a problem with when it comes to shirts. It also has a really nice pu effect collar, cuffs and a strip down the middle that hides the buttons.


So my advise on how to feel fabulous this christmas is to wear whatever you want as long as you feel comfortable in what your wearing then who cares what anyone else thinks! So if you've always wanted to get your sparkle on then go for it. 
Thanks to Daxon for helping me to shimmer this christmas.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Taking Shape Jeggings

After recently discovering a love for jeggings when the lovelies at Taking Shape asked if I wanted to review an item from the site i looked straight for a pair of jeggings and found these.


Having tried a few pieces from them before and finding the sizing generous i decided to get these in a size 20. They came a week or so ago and I've worn them several times since then. They are super comfy and have plenty of stretch. These are a size 20 and there is still room so I would definitely advise to size down.


I'm 5 4" and these are a little long in the leg, they are sold as 3/4 length however i knew these would be full length on me as I'm short so i was glad for the few extra inches at the bottom. Those of you who taller would still be able to buy these without them being too short and depending on your height you could wear them as full length or ankle grazers. I really love these jeggings and they have been perfect for a busy day at work. If you're on the lookout for a pair of soft and comfy jeggings then these are the ones for you!


I wore these with my over sized snugly pug jumper as its been pretty cold recently, but they also look really cute with shirts too.
Taking Shape also have a great 25% off full price items with the code below valid till Wednesday.