Sunday, 28 December 2014

Sale Bargains

I hope you are all well and enjoyed any time off you might have had over the last week. I thought today i would share with you my sale bargains. Now i did want to go to Meadowhall to check out the sales but i didn't fancy getting trampled on so i stuck with my local shopping centre. I was really pleased with my sale bargains so here they are, i haven't been able to get any actual pictures of my haul as the light has been so bad recently!
I went into Matalan not really expecting to come out with anything as i find it very hit and miss but i was pleasantly surprised with my finds.
I picked this floral scuba blazer up in a 20 and didn't actually realise it was in the sale until i got to the till. The size 20 was a good fit for me and i really like the fact it doesn't have a turn down collar like you see on most blazers. When i got to the till this was down in the sale to £12.50 what a bargain! Unfortunately this is no longer on the website but they did have quite a few in store so you might want to check there.

I also managed to get a velvet pencil skirt which i have been wanting for ages. I nearly missed this as i was looking for a skater skirt and when i didn't find one i went back around the sale section a second time and just as i was going to the tills i spotted it. This was a steal at £4, again it is no longer showing online but you might find it at your local Matalan.

I popped into Boots as i always like to see what gift sets are left at half price and as you will see quite a few took my eye.
Now i may have mentioned before that i have a bit of a thing for cheap perfume that smells like sweets. I wear it for work because i like to save my more expensive perfume for going out and i like to smell like a sweet shop. This was only £4.50 and you got 3 small bags of Jelly Beans and 6 roller ball perfumes, which all smell lovely and are the perfect size for your bag.

Next up was a So... gift set i picked up for £5 this smells really nice and fresh, you get a large and small bottle of So.. Sexy but both are perfect for you bag, you also go a lovely lipstick which is a good shade for work not too in your face.

Lastly i got some mini big brand perfumes, i hadn't even smelt any of them before but for £9 i though i would give them a go. I've already picked out my favourite, it has to be the Mochino pink bouquet. This is no longer online but your local Boots might still have a few left.

The rest of my sale shopping has been done online as the snow came down quite heavy Friday night which meant i didn't make it out shopping on Saturday.
I bought myself two new bras and some knickers from Simply Be, i love the Simply Yours bras so i decided to get the plunge 2 pack to add to my collection.
I also made my first Forever 21 order and bought myself this velvet skater skirt.

Have you treated yourself to any sale bargains?

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  1. I love all the clothes you bought, especially the velvet skirts! I used to wear So...? perfumes in my teens but I haven't for a really long time; you're making me feel nostalgic! I'm skint so I've not picked up much in the sales, but I did order a Soap and Glory bath and body set to try, and some festive bits from Lush that were all half price online. xx


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