Friday, 31 January 2014

Black Velvet

A few weeks ago Big Fat Betty posted on twitter that she had bought herself some cute new dresses one if which I'd bought myself just a few days earlier. We decided to bring you a joint post to show you the dress on 2 different shapes and styles. It turns out the lovely Leah also has this dress so now there is 3.

I picked this dress up at the Simply Be store in the white rose at Leeds, it was in the sale for £19 so I couldn't resist. 


This dress is one of those that makes you want to stroke it, the velvet is so soft. I really love the sheer panel at the top although I wish it was a little lower so there was a bit more cleavage on show. But for those of you who prefer to be more covered it's perfect.


This is a skater dress and the cut is really generous, I'm wearing a 20 but I think I could have worn a 18 and been comfortable. I love this dress it's really simple but with great detailing like the studs on the shoulders and the mesh panel. 


I went for a simple look with the dress no accessories and a messy top knot. I can't wait to see the dress on the other 2 lovely ladies.
Check out their posts and see how they styled the dress,
If you want to get your hands on this fabulous dress it's still available on the simply be website here.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Office To Bar

I don't usually go straight from work onto a night out but last week i had to as i didn't have time to go home and get changed. This meant i spent ages trying to decide what to wear, i didn't want to turn up to work looking ready to accept an Oscar but i still wanted some glam for my night out. After trying on half my wardrobe i settled for this dress and jacket. To be honest I'm not sure that i got the work to bar outfit right but i loved it.


This dress is an old asos curve one that they no longer sell. its a size 24 which is a great fit for me and it has plenty of stretch so perfect for dancing the night away! I added my Tesco jacket as it was a little chilly during the day. I love this jacket i had it for ages without wearing it and now i can't seem to get enough of it.


You can't quite see it in these pictures but the sheer mesh has got tiny little polka dots all over it which are really cute. This dress is about knee length on me which is longer than i usually wear on a night out but i couldn't really turn up for work in a tiny dress. I felt great in this outfit and although it might have still been a little fancy for work it worked for me.
I hope your all having a great week!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Denim Dream

I was contacted recently by Fashion World and asked if i wanted to review some items from the new Claire Richards collection. There are some really cute pieces in the collection so of course i said yes, but this time i really waned to try something that i would never usually even try on never mind buy. So i went for jeans, i haven't worn a pair of full leg jeans in about 5 years and even then i never wore skinny jeans so i decided to really push the boundaries.


I went for the lace jersey top and i was sent this bag to finish off the look. I'll start with the bag first, it isn't something i would choose myself as i have this fear of spiked items and that if left in my vicinity long enough one will end up in my eye. And believe me i am clumsy enough for this to happen! The bag is great though its really roomy with lots of pockets and it feels like a really sturdy bag too.


Now onto these jeans, they are perfection!! I asked for these in a 22, having not bought jeans in a while i just asked for the size i would in a dress. The 22 fits me and i can fasten them but they are on the snug side, however i think that the 24 would have been too big and wouldn't have given the skinny fit look. 


These jeans have stretch to them, are high waisted and were really comfortable to wear. Length wise these are great for me they are a little gathered when i have flats on like here but i like that and i means that i can wear them with heels too.


I decided as I'd gone for the jeans that i would choose this jersey top as i thought they would look great together, and i think they do. The top is a size 22 and has plenty of room in it, so you can get your normal size and it will fit great. What i really loved about this top is the sleeves, the lace pattern really stands out on the arms. I already have plans to wear this with my shorts in the summer as the top is really light.


I really love all the parts of this outfit and will definitely be wearing them again together and separately. I want to say a big thank you to Fashion World for giving me the chance to review the pieces and to  find what i think might be the most perfect jeans ever!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Galaxy Kitty

A few months ago now i went to the opening of the Tshirt Store and while i was there i fell in love with this tshirt and i had to take it home with me.


The store has a set price for t shirts which is £30 for one or £55 for two, which might be a bit expensive for some but the price is higher because the quality is so much better than most other tshirts i own, scratchy cheap and they shrink beyond wear the first time you wash them.


The tshirt is so soft and the 2xl is a perfect fit for me. The tshirts are all unisex so the whole store is filled with options. The 2xl fit me as a size 22 perfectly and it might even fit up to a 24 if you have less boob than me.
I adore the cute kitty on the tshirt, just look at him isn't he the cutest?!


There were quite a few kitty tshirts in store so i might end up with a few more over time! Although £30 is more than i would usually pay for a tshirt i can honestly say that it really is worth the money as the quality is amazing and all the cotton is fair trade too.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Spotty Sale

Here is another jumper i picked up from my Doncaster shopping trip, this was a bargain at £15 in the Simply Be sale. I bought it to go with shorts again as i really loved how it looked with them when i tried it on in store.


I really like how the jumper has shorter sleeves and is quite a loose fit. This one is a size 20/22 and has quite a bit of room in it. Its like nothing that i already own, and when i first picked it up it was more out of curiosity of how it would look rather than because i loved it. But I'm so glad i did because now i don't want to take it off!


I think this will be my go to jumper to wear with my shorts and it will be perfect when the weather warms up a little too and we don't need to wear coats to stop us freezing! This colour of jumper is no longer in stock but they do have it in a cute blue colour which Lisa wore here


As you can see i am very pleased with my purchase ! The shorts I'm wearing were from New Look in the sale over a year ago so my whole outfit cost me £25 which i think is really good!
I think i might me in the middle of a jumper craze i am loving them at the moment.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Floral Pug

A few weeks ago when i went to Doncaster shopping i fell in love with this jumper from New Look inspire. I'm loving knitwear at the moment and i am growing quite a collection as i love how they go with my shorts and help me keep warm too.


I got this jumper in a size 24 as i wanted a relaxed fit that i would be able to layer up underneath if i wanted to. It a really soft jumper and doesn't itch at all, i wore it last time i went to visit my nan and i kept me toasty warm along with my thick tights!


I love the cute floral pug on the jumper which is what first caught my attention. The jumper is still available online here for £24.99 you don't need to size up like me unless you want it to have a baggier look.


Even though its winter i am still getting lots of wear out of my shorts by wearing them with my 120 denier tights, it might be cold but your can't keep me out of my shorts!
Although i was really disappointed by the inspire section at Doncaster's New Look I'm glad i still managed to find this beauty. I really enjoy being able to try clothes on so when stores like this reduce their plus size sections or remove them completely its really disappointing! 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bonmarche Review

I hope you have all had a great weekend mine has been really quiet but lovely just the same. Last week on twitter i saw that Bonmarche were looking for bloggers to do reviews for them so i got in contact with them. When i was younger if someone said i would be wearing a Bonmarche dress i wouldn't had believed them. At that time i thought they wouldn't have anything in my style but recently i have seen other bloggers like Leah and Nancy rocking some Bonmarche pieces and looking amazing!
I had a good look on the site and decided to go for this dress as i thought it would be perfect for work. I wore it last week and i have to say i genuinely love it, i really do.


The dress comes half way down my calf and I'm 5 4'' so on taller ladies it would be knee length, the sleeves are 3/4 too so this dress offers you good coverage for the winter months coming. It is double lined over the top half so doesn't go see through when stretched. 


I was sent this dress in a size 22 and the fit is great so you can get your usual size, there is no need to size up. This dress is still available here for £28 up to a size 24 if you want to get your hands on it. The dress is made from a lovely jersey material so it does have some stretch and is really comfortable to wear all day at work.


It great to see that Bonmarche have lots of styles that can work for all ages and when i need to update my dress wardrobe i will definitely be checking them out! I had a look at the range of dresses they have and picked a few of my favourites out.
This dress is gorgeous!

I think this maxi would be great for the summer.

Have you checked out Bonmarche recently?

Friday, 17 January 2014

Sale bargains

A few months ago now a new Simply Be store opened at the White Rose in Leeds, i hadn't had chance to check it out so while i was off work last week i popped in to check out the store and the sale of course!
I really liked the store it was bigger than the Doncaster store and it has a Jacamo upstairs too so great for the guys as well. They had so much sale stuff i was spoilt for choice!
I tried on a few bits and i came away with a few too. The first thing i wanted to try was the velvet swing dress i had tried on in Doncaster but was a little small. They had a size 22 in store and i think i did a little happy dance when i found it. Its still £45 online but i got it for £35 in store which made me even happier!

I also tried on and bought this jumper in a size 24/26 it's so ugly its beautiful and its the fluffiest jumper i have ever seen.

I also tried on the velvet stud dress which i got in a 20 for £19. I didn't get a picture of this one but its a super cute dress but on the big side so I'd advise to size down one or two sizes.

I also decided i needed more leopard print in my life, i mean who doesn't?! So i picked up this top for £10 in a size 20.

I got some great bargain in store and it was nice to see a store with a Jacamo in too as i hadn't been in a joint store before now.
The tshirt is in this picture but its just blending
in with the background!

Have you got any sales bargains recently?

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Its been a while since i have done a wants posts but as I've done a lot of clothes shopping recently I'm going to pick out some of my favourite non fashion related items.

I love this frosted pink atomiser I've always wanted one for my perfumes.

I still don't have a diary for 2014 so this one is perfect, it even has a kitty on it.

How cute is this bulldog figure from the cancer research shop?!

If only i had space for these draws!

I'm a massive Stephen King fan so i can't wait till Mr Mercedes is released, another 6 months to go!
Is there anything on you wish list at the moment?

Monday, 13 January 2014

Body Confidence Week

Last week was Body Confidence Week organised by AlyBongo check out the has tag on instagram to see lots of amazing pictures and everyone loving the body they have. I was a little late to the party and didn't see all the details till Wednesday night so i thought I'd do one big post about it today.
Here was the original summary of days,

So here are my pictures for the week,
Here is a picture  took on Monday morning before i went out,

My favourite picture of myself, i decided to choose this one as i really love it and it makes me smile whenever i look at it.

Your least favourite body part, this is really hard for me as i love all of my body and don't really have any part that i dislike. So i guess I'll pick a part that maybe i don't show as much love as i should, my feet. They do the job i need them to do i just don't seem to give them the extra attention i give the rest of myself.

Take a selfie in public, i love a good selfie and i will take them pretty much anywhere! Here is one from a recent night out with Lisa.

Post a picture of you in casual wear, i have been living in this hoody for the last few weeks. I love it it's so comfy and easy to relax in.


Take a picture in your favourite outfit, i had to use an old picture here as my wardrobes are a crazy mess and I'm not sure where anything is. I love this dress i feel like a mermaid in it, it was hard to choose between all the outfits i have but i think this one just wins.


Take a picture when you wake up, i did this on Sunday morning after a lovely lie in.

I wish i could have done these on the actually days but as i was late to the party i thought doing them in one go was a better idea. I have loved seeing everyones pictures on instagram and its great to see all the positivity around it. You only have one body so love the one you have and embrace it!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Fun With Friends

I hope your all having a great weekend, I'm having a lazy one as last weekend was busy with lots of fun and friends.
I thought I'd share my weekend with you, it started on Friday when i met up with the lovely Lisa my favourite dancing partner and we went out to paint the town red. There was lots of drinking and even more dancing. Here are a few pictures from the night.

I didn't get chance to get a picture of my outfit but i wore this Project D dress which i modelled for Simply Be last year. It was perfect for a night out dancing and was really comfy to wear too.
On Saturday me and Lisa went to Doncaster to meet with lots of lovely ladies for a spot of shopping. To say i was a little delicate might be an understatement ! I had a great day with the ladies and it was great to see them all again. Here is a picture of what i wore on the day, the shorts are from New Look and the sweater is from Asda.

As always our first stop was Simply Be where i think between us we tried on all of the shop, the staff were lovely as always and i came away with a few bits myself.
Me and Lisa shared a changing room so she kindly took these pictures of what i tried on so i thought i'd share them. Sorry for the odd faces in some remember i was a delicate flower that day :)

I love this denim jacket as i was wearing a jumper on
the day and wanted a tight fit i tried it on
without a top so excuse all the boobs!

I tried this skirt in a 20, i would have loved the pu
to go all the way around.

OMG i fell hard for this dress! There was only a 20
in store so it couldn't be mine on the day.

This dress was a 22 and i do like it but i thought it
was just a little too cutsey for me.

I loved this sheer shirt but i wasn't sure i wouldn't end
up tripping over the back!

I thought this jumper looked fab with shorts so it had
to be mine.

I didn't take this home with me as it was a 20 and
maybe a little small but i wish i had done!
After Simply Be the other girls went into a few more shops then we headed to New Look before going for dinner. The New Look inspire in Doncaster used to be really great but this time i was a little disappointed. There space was the same size but there was only about 1/3 full with stock. I did however  come home with a jumper from New Look with the cutest pug on.

So that is my little haul from last weekend. The denim jacket i got in a size 20 and was £35, the spot jumper was a 20/22 and a bargain at £15. The pug jumper is a size 24 as i wanted an oversized look and it was £24.99.
I have searched high and low for the perfect denim jacket for the last couple of years and i finally found it I'm so happy!!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend whatever your doing :)