Saturday, 4 January 2014

Forgotten Floral

While looking through my wardrobe i discovered a few dresses that i have had for several months that have never been worn! They still have the tags on which is pretty bad as I've had them for so long. I decided to show you the first one today, which i got from Simply Be store opening in Manchester many months ago. I have no idea why I've not worn it, it just seems to get bypassed when I'm browsing my wardrobes.


This dress is a size 24, i had to size up to get it to fit comfortably over my boobs, but it is a little big at the waist but nothing that a belt won't fix :)


This dress is made from a sheer material with a slip underneath the main body of the dress but leaving the sleeves sheer which i love. This dress is really gorgeous and i love the vintage looking floral print. I think this dress would look fabulous with a pair of brown boots and now that i can get extra curvy plus from Simply Be i might have to invest in a pair.


This dress is below the knee on me and now that i have re discovered it i think it will get a fair bit of wear over the winter months as it will be so easy to layer up. This dress did come with a belt but i couldn't find it so i added this brown one that i got from a previous fat swap. 


I always feel so bad when i find clothes that have never seen the light of day. I need a wardrobe that  rotates all my clothes around and that brings the less worn pieces to the front!


  1. Lovely dress! That revolving wardrobe is a genius idea. x x

    1. isn't it i think we should get ourselves on dragons den! xx

  2. I love this dress, I ordered it but when it came I couldn't get in it even though it was the same size as the one i'd tried on in store, then it vanished from the online and i forgot about it!

    I now really want this dress again!!! you look fab in it x

    1. it wasn't online for long was it? i remember having to size up as i couldn't get my boobs in my usual size xx

  3. Lovely dress! I can see it looking good with some denim and brown boots or brogues, too. You need a wardrobe a la Cher from Clueless; it's always been the dream! Lol xx

    1. i so need some brown boots! i just bought my first denim jacket the other day so i might give it a try. yes i do that would be perfect ! xx


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