Monday, 13 January 2014

Body Confidence Week

Last week was Body Confidence Week organised by AlyBongo check out the has tag on instagram to see lots of amazing pictures and everyone loving the body they have. I was a little late to the party and didn't see all the details till Wednesday night so i thought I'd do one big post about it today.
Here was the original summary of days,

So here are my pictures for the week,
Here is a picture  took on Monday morning before i went out,

My favourite picture of myself, i decided to choose this one as i really love it and it makes me smile whenever i look at it.

Your least favourite body part, this is really hard for me as i love all of my body and don't really have any part that i dislike. So i guess I'll pick a part that maybe i don't show as much love as i should, my feet. They do the job i need them to do i just don't seem to give them the extra attention i give the rest of myself.

Take a selfie in public, i love a good selfie and i will take them pretty much anywhere! Here is one from a recent night out with Lisa.

Post a picture of you in casual wear, i have been living in this hoody for the last few weeks. I love it it's so comfy and easy to relax in.


Take a picture in your favourite outfit, i had to use an old picture here as my wardrobes are a crazy mess and I'm not sure where anything is. I love this dress i feel like a mermaid in it, it was hard to choose between all the outfits i have but i think this one just wins.


Take a picture when you wake up, i did this on Sunday morning after a lovely lie in.

I wish i could have done these on the actually days but as i was late to the party i thought doing them in one go was a better idea. I have loved seeing everyones pictures on instagram and its great to see all the positivity around it. You only have one body so love the one you have and embrace it!


  1. LOVE THIS!! You look gorgeous on every day! xx

  2. I love it all in one post; seven times the body positivity and lots of lovely photos of you! Your mermaid dress is especially amazing. Love that photo of you xx


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