Saturday, 30 November 2013

Cut Out Leopard

I first spotted this dress back at Plus North when the lovely Betty had it on and i fell in love, especially with the cut out at the front. I loved the bright pink leopard print and the cut of the dress, i know some people are getting a bit bored of skater style dresses but i quite like them especially when they have a bit of a cheeky side like this one.


This dress is quite short which i like and is made from a pretty thick stretch material. Its so comfy to wear and the thick material is fantastic for this colder weather we are having, although as the temperature drops i think i might need to add some thick tights and my faux fur or biker jacket as i did in my previous post.


This dress has a really full skirt which is perfect for twirling in! The cut out adds a really cute detail to the dress and gives a cheeky glimpse of cleavage which is always good with me. I ordered the size 22 and the fit is perfect for me, enough room for my boobs to fit without them trying to make a bid for freedom.


This dress is still available online here for £50, i think this dress is well worth the money its pretty thick so great for winter and its really well made. The only thing you may have issues with is the length if you are taller than me as its quite a short dress.
I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend :) 

Friday, 29 November 2013

It Pays To Try

I have admired biker style jackets for a while but i was pretty convinced i wouldn't suit one, i thought it would feel too bulky and just wouldn't go with my style but i decided to give it a go. I was in New look recently and decided to try a few on and see how i actually looked.


I tried this one on in a size 22 which was all they had left at the time, and I really loved the look and the fit. I can fasten the jacket easily and there is room if i wanted to add another layer underneath. I can't wait to wear this jackets with shorts i think it will look super cute.


If you fancy getting your hands on this jacket you can get it on the New Look website here for £29.99 in the sale. The jacket is really comfy and soft to the touch and the gold zippers look great against the  black.

There is also some really nice detailing around the top of the arms and the shoulders which i tried to get a picture of but its a little blurry.


I'm really glad i decided to give the biker jacket a try as i really love this one and i can't wait to try it out with more of the dresses in my wardrobe.
Have you found your perfect biker jacket yet?

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Clashing Prints

This is an outfit i wore i few weeks ago to go get tattooed and to meet up with the lovely Lisa who was a very good nurse to my swollen foot and all my complaining, although my hubby had to put up with it for the rest of the week bless him !


I decided to wear something from my wardrobe that I'd had for a while but not worn in forever. The dress was from Asos Curve via Lolly last year and is a size 26 and the jacket was from Tesco several months ago in a size 22. I really love how these two pieces look together and i can't believe i haven't worn them together before now.


This dress reminds me of liquorice allsorts and i love it , its more of a summer dress as it's sleeveless but it works for winter with a few layers. Plus the bright colours really do cheer you up when its miserable outside!



This jacket is really comfy too its a jersey with some stretch and has a loose almost boyfriend style fit which i really love. I added my favourite brooch at the moment which was from the lovely Chloe from  Lifes Big Canvas at Plus North for a bargain £9! 


I'm going to try to delve into my wardrobe more often and add see what gems i have forgotten about, sometimes you end up forgetting about great pieces when you have as may clothes as i do. It's definitely time to tidy the wardrobes and make sure everything is getting the love it deserves :)
Hope for all having a great week!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Cosy Cat Lady

I was contacted recently by Just Curvy who asked if I'd like to review a piece from the website, i had been doing a bit of internet window shopping so i already knew the piece i would pick. You all know me and my love of cats by now, so as soon as i saw this jumper i knew i needed it in my life.


The jumper has the cutest cat on it and it even had the back legs and tail on the back which i love!


I decided to wear this with my Dorothy Perkins leopard skirt to work last week. The jumper was really comfy and kept me warm, i did add a thin cami underneath as it was particularly chilly on the day. I was sent a 24/26 in this jumper and it just fits me so i would say it is on the small side. The main reason for this is the stitching at the bottom which is quite tight without much give, i just tucked this bit back underneath the jumper and it was fine for me.


The jumper has small sequins stitched in all over the jumper so it shimmers when you catch the light and looks really pretty. You can buy the jumper online here for £29.99 its a must for any of you cat ladies out there!


As a major cat lady there was no way i wasn't going to choose this jumper but i also fell pretty hard for this skirt which i think would look amazing on, the print is fabulous! And for £14.99 it not going to break the bank either.

If you haven't tried Just Curvy yet give them a try they have lots of cute pieces on the site and all at really reasonable prices.

Monday, 18 November 2013

The One That Never Was

Hello there you lovely lot how are we all? I'm working extra hours at work so I'm super busy and this means when i get in from work there is no light left to take outfit pics so today is a post of an outfit i wore many months ago but for some reason or another i never blogged about it.


The dress is super cute and summery and was from the Project D line at Simply Be because its been so long since i took theses pics the dress is now out of stock but if you check ebay you might have some luck. As you can see from the pictures i have brown hair which i haven't had for a while as you know!


I decided to wear this with my Beth Ditto cardigan and Irregular Choice scotty dog shoes. This dress is so pretty and lovely for the summer seeing these pictures I'm wondering if i can dig it out from my wardrobe and winter it up.


Finding these pictures from the summer is making me want the sun to come back out so i can wear all my summer dresses and tiny shorts, i think its going to be awhile before that happens!
I hope you all had a great weekend.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Leopard Shots

As anyone who knows me knows i have been wanting a pair or leopard print shorts forever! well eBay finally came to my rescue when i spotted these forever21 leopard shorts. I bid on them and won them for £3.20 so they were quite the bargain!


I wore these shorts as soon as they came through the door i loved them so much! These are a 3xl the largest size forever21 do in their plus size range and fit me perfectly but there isn't much room so i would say the 3xl in these is about a 22.


I love how the leopard print is heart shaped in some places, they are literally the cutest shorts ever! I wore these with my New Look peplum top i got in the sale for £4 and some tights from Tesco. The whole outfit cost me no more that £10 what a bargain!!


I love eBay and the way that generally if you keep looking your leopard print dreams will come true ;) Well mine did and i couldn't be happier than i am with these shorts. This pair of shorts is the first thing I've ever bought from forver21. I'm not sure if I'd buy from them again as i think their sizing might be a bit small  for me most of the time but if a bargain comes up again on eBay then i might be tempted.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Pretty Pretty Petticoat

I'm sure you have seen my previous post about the lovely package Taking Shape sent for me recently and today i have the last piece to review. I was sent this lovely tulle petticoat now i already own a white petticoat that i got to go with a dress but I've only worn it twice as i have more things that black goes with.


I was excited to see how the petticoat would look and if i would be able to wear it as a skirt, its great under fit and flare dresses and below the knee on me so perfect for you taller ladies! I did really want to wear it as a skirt but on its own it was a little see through and thin, of course it was going to be as its meant to be worn under clothes, but you know me always got to break the rules.


So i decided to wear it over my existing white petticoat and i love the result. Lots of fullness in the skirt and you can't see my knickers so bonus!
I wore this with a spotty vest top from tesco and my Beth Ditto belt to cover the top of the petticoat, i really love how this looked and i plan to wear this as a skirt as well as under dresses to add fullness.


I think the petticoat as as skirt would be perfect for a night out or a party to make your outfit a bit extra special. I got this skirt in a size 22 and it fits with room as the waist is elasticated i think at full stretch it could easily fit a 24 maybe a 26 depending on your shape.

Caught mid twirl

The top of the petticoat is made from a silky material so your dress will sit nicely over the petticoat and not bunch up. The bottom of the skirt has a double layer of tulle to give volume and with my other petticoat underneath too it was perfect!


I'm so thankful to Taking Shape for giving me the chance to review these items for them i have been really pleased with everything they sent, the fit and quality is amazing, these are pieces that will last you seasons and still look as good as they did the day you first tried them on.  If you haven't checked out the website what are you waiting for heard over there !

Monday, 11 November 2013

Lovely Luna

The next piece I'm reviewing from Taking Shape is the Luna Petti Dress, now this dress is designed to be worn under  dresses as a slip and to add some volume at the bottom ( i just thought it looked cute and didn't realise this till i read the description!) . But as you all know I don't like to wear everything as originally intended so I am going to be wearing this as a dress on it's own.


You could wear this as a slip it's very comfortable and the silky material means it wouldn't bunch your dresses up or you could wear it as a dress like me and break all the rules !


Again i was sent this in a XL which is an equivalent to a 22 and the fit is great however for a more fitted style you might want to size down, the material is very stretchy so i think i could fit well beyond the size 26 it goes to.


I like the dress just loose but i decided to style it up with a belt, now I'm not a huge belt fan to be honest but i think this dress does benefit from a belt if you intend to wear it a dress like me rather than a slip.


Some of you eagle eyed people might have spotted this belt and recognised it as the Beth Ditto belt from the Evans range several years ago. I love the sparkles and cameos on the belt and i thought it went perfectly with the dress.


I love the frilly mesh hemline and think if your wearing it as a sip it could add some nice volume to the dress your wearing over it, or if your wearing it like me it just adds a bit of fun to the dress. As much as i like a little black dress i do like it to have a little something extra just to make it stand out a little and this dress does that for me.


I really love this dress and i think it goes to show that if you like something then wear it don't worry about what it was initially intended to be worn as and let your style shine through. I really love everything that i was sent from Taking Shape and the website has so much to offer from little black dresses to coats and basics and much much more! They also have a twitter so if you have any questions or thoughts I'm sure they would love to hear from you, there a friendly bunch so say hi! 

Friday, 8 November 2013

Model Behaviour

A few months ago the most exciting email popped up in my inbox. I think i might have done a little squeak of excitement and maybe a bit of a happy dance too! The email was from the lovely Charlotte from Simply Be asking if i wanted to be involved in a photo shoot along with a few other bloggers.

It didn't take me long to reply with a big fat yes! I honestly never thought anything like this could ever happen to me when i stated my blog 18 months ago. I couldn't wait to find out which other bloggers were going to be involved in the shoot so when Charlotte emailed to say that i would be joining BettyRosieAllie and Nancy on the shoot i was super excited. I already knew Betty, Rosie and Nancy so i was happy to have some familiar faces around me and meet new ones too. 


Over the next few weeks i got more and more excited about the shoot, it was hard to keep it a secret as i was bursting with excitement but i managed to keep it to myself, so I'm sure i could now be trusted with national secrets right?!
Charlotte was so lovely throughout the whole process and made sure we were all organised and had everything that we needed for the day. The night before the shoot i met with Nancy in the hotel and we had a few drinks and a lovely chat, it was the first time i had spoken to Nancy apart from the few moments at Plus North when i told her how beautiful she looked, but it was like we had known each other for years. Later on we were joined by Rosie and before we knew it it was time to get some sleep.

The next morning we got up super early and headed over to Thornton Manor which was so beautiful it was like something from a postcard. I was up first for hair and make up, which was done by the lovely Paula. Paula did a fabulous job on my hair and make up and i really loved what she did, Paula was really nice to talk to as well and we shared our love of cats while she was adding rollers to my hair.

After hair and make up i got into my outfit which i really loved i don't think the Simply Be team could have picked a more perfect dress for me. They did a great job of picking out outfits that were perfect for each of us and everyone looked amazing. I was first up to have my photos done and as i was walking down the stairs i started to get nervous, what if i did my crazy smile or even worse bitch face?! I didn't need to worry the photographer Evan Danks was great and put me at ease straight away. Here are a few shots of me from the day.






Once i had finished it gave me chance to relax and chat to the others while they had hair and make up done. Everyone looked amazing as I'm sure you will agree! The hair and make up from Sam and Paula was fabulous and everyone wore something that reflected them. One by one Rosie,Nancy,Allie and Betty went down to have their shoots, then it was time for the group shots.We all had a giggle in between and during some of the shots and i really had such a great time with the girls and the whole team involved. 




I wish i could do it everyday, it was something that i can never forget and for that i am very thankful to Simply Be. Check out the Simply Be website and Facebook page and blog for more pictures, where you can see everyone in their individual shots.
I want to say again a massive thank you to everyone involved and for Simply Be for giving me the opportunity to be involved in such a fun and amazing day! 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Cut Out Cutie

As I mentioned in Mondays post I got some pieces sent from the lovelies at Taking Shape, I reviewed the lovely Portland coat on Monday which I loved, today's piece is the cut out tunic.
This tunic is my favourite piece I really love it!


The tunic is made from a stretch material and is designed to be non fitted although if you wanted that look you could just size down. I was sent the XL which is the equivalent to a 22 and it has a looser fit, to be honest I think I could have got the L and it would still have fit with room, the tunic is very generously cut. What I really love about this tunic is the cut out on the bottom I think it's really cute and adds some sass to what other wise might just be a basic black tunic.


Now you could wear the tunic with some bright skinny jeans or colourful legging to really make the cut out detail shine or you could add some short shorts like me. i thought id show you both looks so here i am with an without the leggings.


When I first put this on I thought what a cute dress and that's how I intended to wear it but the cut out detail meant there was a chance I'd be flashing some bum so I added shorts underneath which I think work perfectly.


I'll definitely be rocking this tunic with shorts for the summer and night out on the town. While the weather is a bit chillier I'm thinking that colourful leggings are the way to go.

Not sure where this pose came from but hey i like it !

Back view
I adore this tunic and I think it's one of those pieces that could be dressed up or down depending on how you accessories it. Another great thing about Taking Shape is that they have free next day delivery if you order before 4pm how amazing is that?! I know how may of you myself included hate to have to pay for shipping.
Have you had chance to check out Taking Shape yet, do you have your eye on anything?