Monday, 4 November 2013

Taking Shape

I came home last week to a lovely package from Taking Shape full of amazing pieces, so I'm going to show you them over the next week or so.

For those of you who haven't heard of Taking Shape they are an Australian based brand who are just starting out here in the UK. They are currently opening stores around the country and have a UK website
Before I was contacted by them I hadn't heard of the brand but I'm glad they got in touch as they have so much to offer and it's always good to see a new plus size brand,well new to the UK as it's been running for 28 years so they have plenty of experience! I was sent a few items to review but rather than cram them all into one post I wanted to split them up so you can see everything at it's best.
First up is this gorgeous red Portland coat.


I really love this coat, it going to be perfect for the cold and snowy winter. It's quite a heavy coat when you pick it up but not so much when your wearing it. It has a hood so no wet and running hair for me! And it has press studs as well as the toggle fastening.

The hood isn't this high but my bun is making it look huge!
This coat is really warm and it will be my go to on super cold days as it's just like being back under the duvet!


I was sent this coat in a 22 and I have to say the fit is spot on, I can fasten the coat up without any gapes or pulling which usually happens to me. Its even got a cute check lining so its super soft inside too.


This is a really lovely coat and you can tell it has been made well too so it will last you several winters. 
Check out the Taking Shape website  there is plenty of different styles on there so have a good browse through I'm sure you will find something you like. And if you like to go in store to do your shopping check out the store locator to see if there is one near you. 


  1. Wow, it looks so nice and cosy :)

  2. This is gorgeous! The colour is amazing, looks great on you xx

  3. Wow, the coat is amazing and looks epic with polka dots. x x

  4. Ooh this coat is gorgeous! I love me a red coat! Love the lining, too. I hadn't heard of this brand before, so thanks for this post. I'm off to check the website out xx

    1. if you had a good look through they have lots of different styles but i spotted some dresses i think you'd look cute in xx

  5. I love that coat! It seriously looks like it was made for you. Stunning!


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