Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Pretty Pretty Petticoat

I'm sure you have seen my previous post about the lovely package Taking Shape sent for me recently and today i have the last piece to review. I was sent this lovely tulle petticoat now i already own a white petticoat that i got to go with a dress but I've only worn it twice as i have more things that black goes with.


I was excited to see how the petticoat would look and if i would be able to wear it as a skirt, its great under fit and flare dresses and below the knee on me so perfect for you taller ladies! I did really want to wear it as a skirt but on its own it was a little see through and thin, of course it was going to be as its meant to be worn under clothes, but you know me always got to break the rules.


So i decided to wear it over my existing white petticoat and i love the result. Lots of fullness in the skirt and you can't see my knickers so bonus!
I wore this with a spotty vest top from tesco and my Beth Ditto belt to cover the top of the petticoat, i really love how this looked and i plan to wear this as a skirt as well as under dresses to add fullness.


I think the petticoat as as skirt would be perfect for a night out or a party to make your outfit a bit extra special. I got this skirt in a size 22 and it fits with room as the waist is elasticated i think at full stretch it could easily fit a 24 maybe a 26 depending on your shape.

Caught mid twirl

The top of the petticoat is made from a silky material so your dress will sit nicely over the petticoat and not bunch up. The bottom of the skirt has a double layer of tulle to give volume and with my other petticoat underneath too it was perfect!


I'm so thankful to Taking Shape for giving me the chance to review these items for them i have been really pleased with everything they sent, the fit and quality is amazing, these are pieces that will last you seasons and still look as good as they did the day you first tried them on.  If you haven't checked out the website what are you waiting for heard over there !


  1. I love this look! The petticoats look so good layered up and look so pretty on you :) xx

    1. thank you i really wanted to wear it as a skirt and the 2 together mean i can do that so I'm happy xx

  2. love this - i have a few petticoats from Beyond Retro which I always used to wear as skirts on their own as they were so thick.

    1. i really want a domino dollhouse one they are so full but I'm scared of import charges lol xx

  3. Loving this, I love petticoats and tulle! Never heard of Taking Shape, will have to check them out.

    1. thank you ! they have lots of different styles but deff some i could see you in xx


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