Monday, 18 November 2013

The One That Never Was

Hello there you lovely lot how are we all? I'm working extra hours at work so I'm super busy and this means when i get in from work there is no light left to take outfit pics so today is a post of an outfit i wore many months ago but for some reason or another i never blogged about it.


The dress is super cute and summery and was from the Project D line at Simply Be because its been so long since i took theses pics the dress is now out of stock but if you check ebay you might have some luck. As you can see from the pictures i have brown hair which i haven't had for a while as you know!


I decided to wear this with my Beth Ditto cardigan and Irregular Choice scotty dog shoes. This dress is so pretty and lovely for the summer seeing these pictures I'm wondering if i can dig it out from my wardrobe and winter it up.


Finding these pictures from the summer is making me want the sun to come back out so i can wear all my summer dresses and tiny shorts, i think its going to be awhile before that happens!
I hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. I sometimes find outfit photos I'd taken ages ago and never got around to posting for some reason. Yay for these heels!

  2. You look amazing! The dress is so pretty and I love the cardi. My sister has it, too, and I'm jealous. Lol. Your hair looks amazing with the quiff and scarf, too. I've been finding it really difficult to take outfit photos lately, as well, so you're not the only one. I don't mind, though, as all your posts are fab xx

    1. thank you lovely :) its so hard with the light and being at work during the proper daylight xx

  3. I love the cardigan, it goes really mice with the dress :)

    1. i love it too the beth ditto range was the best xx

  4. Really lovely outfit. Such a cute cardigan!


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