Saturday, 11 January 2014

Fun With Friends

I hope your all having a great weekend, I'm having a lazy one as last weekend was busy with lots of fun and friends.
I thought I'd share my weekend with you, it started on Friday when i met up with the lovely Lisa my favourite dancing partner and we went out to paint the town red. There was lots of drinking and even more dancing. Here are a few pictures from the night.

I didn't get chance to get a picture of my outfit but i wore this Project D dress which i modelled for Simply Be last year. It was perfect for a night out dancing and was really comfy to wear too.
On Saturday me and Lisa went to Doncaster to meet with lots of lovely ladies for a spot of shopping. To say i was a little delicate might be an understatement ! I had a great day with the ladies and it was great to see them all again. Here is a picture of what i wore on the day, the shorts are from New Look and the sweater is from Asda.

As always our first stop was Simply Be where i think between us we tried on all of the shop, the staff were lovely as always and i came away with a few bits myself.
Me and Lisa shared a changing room so she kindly took these pictures of what i tried on so i thought i'd share them. Sorry for the odd faces in some remember i was a delicate flower that day :)

I love this denim jacket as i was wearing a jumper on
the day and wanted a tight fit i tried it on
without a top so excuse all the boobs!

I tried this skirt in a 20, i would have loved the pu
to go all the way around.

OMG i fell hard for this dress! There was only a 20
in store so it couldn't be mine on the day.

This dress was a 22 and i do like it but i thought it
was just a little too cutsey for me.

I loved this sheer shirt but i wasn't sure i wouldn't end
up tripping over the back!

I thought this jumper looked fab with shorts so it had
to be mine.

I didn't take this home with me as it was a 20 and
maybe a little small but i wish i had done!
After Simply Be the other girls went into a few more shops then we headed to New Look before going for dinner. The New Look inspire in Doncaster used to be really great but this time i was a little disappointed. There space was the same size but there was only about 1/3 full with stock. I did however  come home with a jumper from New Look with the cutest pug on.

So that is my little haul from last weekend. The denim jacket i got in a size 20 and was £35, the spot jumper was a 20/22 and a bargain at £15. The pug jumper is a size 24 as i wanted an oversized look and it was £24.99.
I have searched high and low for the perfect denim jacket for the last couple of years and i finally found it I'm so happy!!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend whatever your doing :)

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  1. I love it all, and oh dear God, I need that flamingo tee! The denim jacket looks fantastic on you! I wish my clevage looked as great as yours! Haha. The black dress looks amazing on you so I hope you manage(d) to get one later; you need it. I wish we had some Simply Be shops down south; they look great to shop in. Everything good is up North. All the local New Look stores here have removed their Inspire ranges which is ridiculous. They're leaving plus size ladies who don't shop online with fewer and fewer places to shop from. xx


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