Monday, 17 February 2014

Dancing Partners

A few weeks ago i went out with my favourite lady Lisa to celebrate my birthday. We met up for food and then spent the evening having a few cheeky drinks and doing a lot of dancing. I didn't get any pictures of my outfit before i went out that day as i had a few issues with tights and hair and false eyelashes which meant i was running around like crazy and getting a little stressed that i would be late.
I re created the outfit so you could see what i wore


I really did not dress for the weather is was pretty cold and really windy then half way through the night it started to rain and i don't think it stopped. My feet ended up getting so wet my shoes were leaving wet footprints on the dance floor but it didn't stop me and Lisa having a great time.


I wore my Tesco leopard jacket which you have seen a few times now, my much loved New Look inspire denim shorts and a cute floral tshirt which i got last summer from New Look inspire but never wore. I think i paid about £15 for it and got it in a size 24. I thought the floral and leopard print went really well together and i loved how this outfit looked even when it was wet through!



I am looking forward to re creating this outfit in the summer without the tights and hopefully without getting caught out in the rain again. 
I hope you all had a great weekend. 


  1. Just found your blog, what a great outfit ! , best wishes Les x.

  2. Replies
    1. It's great it goes with everything too and doesn't crease with it being jersey xx

  3. you may not have been dressed for the weather, but that outfit is cute as anything! I also want to thank you for being the blogger that got me into wearing shorts :)

    1. Thank you hun :) and I'm so glad it's really lovely to get comments like this so thank you! I bet you are looking rocking in those shorts ! Xx

  4. You look fabulous. I love the blazer xx

    1. thanks ive worn it so much recently its come quite the staple in my wardrobe xx


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