Monday, 3 February 2014

Just Not Sure

I wore this outfit when i went out to the cinema with the Mr and Lisa to see the wolf of wall street. I have had this dress forever but its another one of those that i never got round to wearing. For some reason I'm not sure about this outfit I'm just not feeling it. The dress is cute and i love the cardigan but I'm just not sure the dress is very me.


The dress is about 18 months old and when i first bought it i got it in a 24 and now its quite oversized so i have had to add a belt to it. I wore the dress with my Primark cardigan and thick tights as its quite chilly out there.


The dress is made from a thin jersey material so there was no need for me to size up the first time. Although I'm not sure on this dress i think i might move it over to my workwear wardrobe so that i can get more wear out of it. I don't like to give up on dresses so when i fall a little out of love with something i tend to move it over to my work wardrobe, it means that then if i don't wear it to work them it goes onto the sale or swap pile.


Looking at the pictures i think that maybe its just the colour that makes me love the dress a little less. 
Have you ever bought something to finally wear and then not be all that sure?


  1. Oh I looove that dress! If ever you want to sell it let me know ;) I do know what you mean though. I'm indecisive with a lot of tops. I buy them then decide the length is wrong. It sits too high and shows off my belly bulge or it hangs too low and flares off my bum... it's the main reason I wear dresses so much xo

  2. You look lush! Red + polkadots = yes please

  3. You look lovely! The dress suits you really well! xx

  4. I've got this dress and I think it looks really nice on you, but I might be biased. x x

  5. I think you look great! I do love the colour and the polka dots xx

  6. I'm like that, I do it quite often. But honestly this dress suits you alot, the colour is so nice for Spring/Summer14 !


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