Friday, 29 May 2015

Wish List

I pretty much have a huge and constant wish list so here whats on mine at the moment,

I love these glasses, i tried them on a few weeks ago but decided on another pair that i just loved that little bit more but i hope these will eventually be mine.

I really want a super cute well fitting denim shirt, i will definitely be on the hunt for one this summer! This one is really cute hopefully they will have it in store for me to try but from what I'm hearing about plus size disappearing in store at New Look that might not happen.

I don't usually like print t-shirts but this one is fab and not too in your face.

I need this for my room because well i am...

This bag is also from Matalan like the above, i seriously need it in my life!

I always want new perfume and this is the one I'm currently lusting after

What are you lusting after at the minute?

1 comment:

  1. Love those glasses, the fringed bag, the tee, and the denim shirt. I've still not found my perfect denim shirt but I used to wear them to death in the 90s. All of the New Look's in a 20 mile radius around me have taken away Inspire (and ages ago), and Evans has disappeared, too. We don't have Simply Be or Yours Clothing in my area, so it's a pretty shit deal, especially for larger plus ladies. xx


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