Thursday, 4 June 2015

Flip Flops From Evans

I've had some terrible experience when it comes to shoes. I've had the sole of a ballet pump come away during work and I've had to try to walk around with a tiny thread keeping the shoe together, if that wasn't bad enough it was raining really heavy which didn't help my shoe trauma. My shoes just seem to die on me after a few wears I'd only had the below the pair a week when this happened!

The one type of shoe that never seems to work for me is flip flops again I've got some funny stories about flip flops gone wrong. I have had flip flops that have broken away at the toe post if this has ever happened to you then you know how hard it is to try to walk once this happens. And in my younger days when I wanted super cheap fashion I've bought really cheap flip flops that after walking for a few hours cracked on the sole and one half of the base started to come away from the other!
So I haven't always had the best of luck when it comes to footwear so when Evans offered to send me some shoes to review I thought I'd give flip flops another go.

I was sent these in a 5 eee and the sizing is spot on, there is enough room to get my feet in and not rub. I've inspected the toe post area and it's safe to say that these won't be coming away from the sole anytime soon!

These are really well made the base is nice and thick and they would be great for a holiday, for day or night wear. The flip flops have a really smooth padded base which will be good if you are waking around in the sun.

I think the flower jewel trim is a really nice touch to the flip flops and means they can easily go from a day to night outfit. The jewels are securely attached so you don't need to worry about they coming away easily and they stop before the top post so won't rub on your toes.
If I'd had these flip flops a few years ago I could have saved myself a lot of embarrassment and red cheeks as I tried to walk as normally as possible with a broken shoe! Evans have a great range of shoes at the minute so go check them out.



  1. Such cute flip flops! I find Evans shoes usually last really well, even when they're worn a heap of times. Have you ever tried Havaianas flip flops? They cost a bit more than most, but they last for years, and are comfy, too. I love them! xx

  2. Love those kinds of flip flops that you can wear both evening and during the day, really versatile :)


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