Monday, 15 June 2015


I was contacted a while ago by the lovelies at Simply Be who asked if i waned to be part of their #SimplyBekini campaign, I said yes of course! I believe anyone should be able to wear a bikini if that's what they want to wear and no one should try to tell you otherwise or make you feel bad about yourself. Its your body and your choice and never let anyone tell you different!


Yes I'm fat and wearing an bikini and guess what they world hasn't ended! If you take issue with a fat person in a bikini then that's all on you maybe you should take a second to think why it bothers you and why your not out their enjoying yourself rather than getting upset over a fat belly and some cellulite?! I like to wear a bikini when I'm by the pool or at the beach, I'm not the best person when it comes to the heat so I'm all about the bikini and keeping cool.


This bikini is really well made and definitely worth the money as it is on the pricey side (for me at least) The top i got in a 40G i had never had a bra or bikini from Elomi before but i think i should have sized up but I'll know that for next time. The bottoms are a size 22 and fit like a dream, plus the plain black bottoms can easily be mixed and matched with bikini tops you already own.


I'm gutted that these pictures have been taken inside and not during some holiday somewhere in the sun while i was lounging in the pool but i will just have to dream of that holiday for now. If you are lucky enough to be going on holiday this year check out Simply Be's amazing range of bikinis and if your a little nervous or unsure give one a try, you'll feel amazing and look fabulous. 


And remember if you get any snaps of you in your bikini then use the #SimplyBekini hashtag i can't wait to see you all rocking you in the sun!


  1. You look absolutely amazing! I don't have the confidence to rock a bikini, and definitely wouldn't look as good as you in one! I think It's pretty sad that haters will judge larger ladies in bikinis at the beach or pool, when they should just be concentrating on enjoying themselves with their family and friends. They must live sad little lives. xx


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