Tuesday, 23 June 2015

You Beauty

This months you beauty box has arrived and I was pretty happy with the options this month.
There were a few bits that I wouldn't use but still enough left for me to have to narrow it down to two choices.
My first choice was the Inika face primer(10ml), I love a good primer and it's the only thing I wear on my face when I'm going out so I like to try different ones as my favourite is quite pricey. This one goes on well and leaves your skin really smooth but it does have a pretty strong almost lemony smell which I'm not a fan of. If I'm putting something in my face I don't want it to have an overpowering smell so for that reason I probably wouldn't buy this item.

My second choice was the Exuviance triple microdermabrasion face polish(10g), i think this is a good face wash to use once or twice a week but it didn't wow me and i can't really see any reason for the full size product to be so expensive (around £55) my face felt the same after i had used it as it does after using a £3 face scrub. This is not something i would buy myself i think i will just stick with the cheaper face scrubs as for me they work just as well.

My added extras this month were Urban Fruit smashing strawberry, i hate dried fruit with a passion i see no reason for its existence and  avoid it like the plague but in the interest of trying something new i attempted to eat one of these, i failed. It was just as bad if not worse than i had imagined the texture was awful and it although its real strawberry i couldn't stand the taste. This is not something i will buying.

My other added extras were a Good To Go Anywhere 3 pack which included a dry tissue, a sanitising tissue and a wet wipe. I have had these in my bag just in case i need to use them, they are a great idea and something i would consider buying myself. My last added extra was 2 Clipper tea bags, one green tea and the other a red fruits tea, these are good just to take to put in my desk at work for times when i don't fancy a black tea.

Although i wouldn't repurchase my choices this month i am still happy with the box and glad i got to try something new. I still think that the You Beauty box is the best one around that gives you value for money and items you actually want to try.

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  1. £55 for a face wash?! That's just crazy! Who has the money to spend that much on one skin care product? Also, I agree dried strawberries are awful! Give me fresh fruit any day! xx


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