Saturday, 27 June 2015

Wish List

Its not long now before me and Lisa head off to Blackpool for the weekend to celebrate her birthday so i thought i would do a wish list of all the things i wish i had to take with me.

I wish i could get these in my size but they only have kids sizes! I'm shedding a tear right now,

This would be the most perfect daywear for wandering around and eating ice cream.

Being out for a long time often means running out of battery especially when you like to take secret selfies like Lisa so a portable battery pack for my phone would be perfect. This portable charger gives you a battery boost of up to 60% and is small enough to keep on your keys.

Both myself and Lisa will be in need of one of these hangover kits Saturday and Sunday morning!

I actually sleep with a cushtie pillow every night and i find it difficult to sleep without it so i could do with one to take with me.

I'm always in need of a new perfume and i recently fell in love with YSL Manifesto.

I have my outfits planned already for Blackpool but this dress is almost too cute to resist.

So i money was no object, and those shoes came in my size all these wonderful things would be coming to Blackpool with me.

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  1. I love the dress and the jumpsuit, and could see you rocking both of them. The Disney Villain shoes are AMAZING. They should definitely be made in adult sizes, too. I'd definitely buy them. xx


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