Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Best Nights

Its been a while hasn't it?! Well I'm still here over in this little corner of the internet, things have been super busy recently and i haven't taken a proper outfit picture it what seems like forever but i wanted to do a little post to share my outfit from last Saturday.

I had arranged to go over to Lisa's for a few drinks and a general catch up last Saturday, let me put this out there right now i had no intention of going out at all, i took no make up, jewellery or clothes with me expect for my super old jumpsuit i wear for bed if its cold.
After a few hours of catching up and a good few drink me and Lisa got that feeling, the one where being inside the house just isn't working and you need to go dance your butt off and dance it off we did!
As i didn't have anything to wear Lisa very kindly looked through her vast array of clothes and came up with an absolute beauty!

The dress was one of the 99p ones that Yours did last year and i believe the belt was from Primark. I totally fell in love with this outfit and it was perfect for dancing the night away in, apart from being a little chilly on the way to town i had no complaints.

Lisa very kindly let me use her make up too so that i didn't look like I'd been up for the last 48hrs! I was so in love with this lipstick although i have forgotten which it was now!
Saturday night was totally unplanned but it was one of the best nights I've had in ages, i danced so much my arms hurt the next day and i was even up and dancing on the tables in one place, i haven't done that in years!!

It was an amazing night and i had the best time! Sometimes those totally unplanned and unorganised nights are the best.


  1. You look absolutely stunning in that dress! Wow! It must be great having a bestie you can borrow clothes from. (My bestie is much slimmer than me. Boo!) Sounds like you had a great night out, too. xx

  2. That sounds like a great night out. I have that dress too. I need to dig it out again. xx


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