Monday, 13 May 2013

Pretty As A Daisy

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago but for some reason hadn't uploaded the images from my camera silly Rachel!
I wore this to go and visit my mum i like to wear things that are comfy for the car journey. I got this dress quite a while ago but i only just got round to wearing it.


I got this dress from New look and i sized up to a 26, the 22 fit but it was a little too short for my liking they didn't have a 24 but they had the 26 so i tried it and to be honest i found the fit the same as the 22 but it was longer which i wanted.


I wore the dress with some tights as it was a little chilly out and some Primark flats which are really uncomfortable to wear so i will be taking them to the next fat swap and hopefully someone else will get on better with them.


I checked the New Look website but i can't find the dress anymore if i remember right i bought it for £19.99. The dress does have a really cute pattern which was the reason i picked it up to start with and I'm sure it will get lots more wear over the summer months.


The only negative thing i have to say about this dress is the neckline seems to sit a bit squiff I'm not sure if its just this dress or its a problem with the material and how it has been sewn into the lining. It won't stop me wearing it as it such a cute dress and really light and floaty so will keep me cool in the summer.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend :)


  1. Love this daisy print, they always make me think of summer :)

  2. Aw I like this dress, its so pretty!

  3. I love daisies, so that print screams at me: "buy me, buy me" … <3


    1. its now showing in the new look sale go go go ! xx

  4. Replies
    1. its a very pretty dress and makes me feel that way too xx

  5. Very pretty! New Look are ace for dresses. x x

  6. Love the print!! Just can't get my head round why dresses are never long enough???

    1. i think its my lovely bum that takes up extra material and makes them shorter :) xx

  7. I love that dress it's so pretty! x

  8. That is a lovely dress you look fab xx


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