Monday, 6 May 2013

A Vintage Twist

i was going through some photos last week and came across this outfit which I'd never posted so i decided to share it with you.
The dress you have seen before and i bought it from eBay for a bargain price but it was originally from Simply Be.
I decided to add some accessories that id bought from the vintage fair.


The pearl necklace is my nans but the rabbit brook is from the vintage fair i went to last year in Sheffield. He is made from metal and a pearl for his face. I paid about £5 for him and he is one of my favourite brooches.



I also swapped the necklace out for some big faux pearl and gold earrings which i got from primark and  a super cute black handbag which i got from the vintage fair for £8 its in great condition so i thought tat was a bargain.


I love this outfit I'm not sure why is got missed but i though it was too cute to waste. I hope you all have a great bank holiday whatever you are doing :)


  1. It's so so so retro fantastic! I love it! Polka dots forever!

  2. I love that outfit, it's really nice :) you look lovely xx

  3. Gorgeous outfit! I really like the earrings more than the necklace, it looks more quirky for want of a better word. That brooch is cute too. :)

  4. I very nearly bought that dress last year. I wish I had because it looks bloody fab on you! x x

    1. they come up on ebay all the time i got mine there for less that £15 xx

  5. That dress is a beauty! You look so glamourous in it, as always xx

  6. SUch a lovely dress, the skirt is so pretty and you look so demure and i love the brooch, good find!

  7. That outfit is so pretty, specially the skirt. Totally in love. And you rock it. ;) xoxo

  8. What a gorgeous dress. Very grown up and sophisticated!


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