Friday, 31 May 2013

Comic Body Con

Last Saturday i met Lolly and Lisa for our monthly shopping trip and didn't need much other than a few  camis but i do enjoy shopping and trying things on even if i don't need them!
What i bought wasn't very exciting but i decided to wear my comic print body con dress that i bought from Primark last week. I'd seen a pic of it tweeted by the lovely Sian and knew i needed to have this dress.


I got the dress is a size 20 but it has plenty of stretch so i found it really comfortable to wear and as you now i love body cons so for £10 this was the perfect dress for me.
I wore the dress with my Torrid cardigan that i got from Florida a few years ago and some Primark pumps.



The dress is a body con style so it doesn't hide anything and shows off the vbo, this doesn't bother me i actually think it looks really cute but maybe if your not at the stage you want to be showing it, it might not be then dress for you.


I'm not sure how well this dress will last and keep its shape for but for £10 it wasn't breaking the bank. How could i say no to such a fab print?!
Now onto what i bought as i said its not the most amazing haul but i got a black and light purple cami, a navy and a dark purple vest from Primark along with some super cute mouse face shoes and a spot print peplum top from the New Look sale.

I hope you have a great weekend I'm at work tomorrow but hope to make the most of Sunday.


  1. Oh I love this dress with the leopard print cardi, and I need to find me some mouse shoes!! :)

  2. Great dress, really love the fun print!

  3. Love the dress and those shoes are so cute xx

  4. Like the print of the dress … but the shoes! They are "cuteness overload". Love them. <3 xoxo :)

  5. Looking hot as usual! Have a lovely Sunday off - I hope the weather is nice. x x

  6. You look amazing! Love everything about this outfit. Those mouse shoes are cute, too xx

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