Thursday, 31 July 2014

Birthday Girl in Blackpool

A few weekends ago me and Lisa went to Blackpool to celebrate her birthday. We had a lot of fun and many a drink was had! We set off Friday morning like excited kids in the car, i saw the sea first so i totally won that game ( although I'm sure i was the only one playing)
I didn't take that many pictures that weren't selfies or mirror shots but i thought i would share my few pictures with you. If you already follow me on instagram you have probably already seen them.

We had to have fish and chips when we arrived 

Family photo, Lisa,Me and The Mr

The Mr by the sea
The Mr had very kindly driven me and Lisa down to Blackpool so we repaid him in fish and chips and warm doughnuts on the way home, he really is the best !
Here was my travelling outfit which is an old Asos curve dress that i just love!

After unpacking we went for a walk around Blackpool and down the pier and of course we stopped for an ice cream! When we got to the end of the pier we spotted several older couples ballroom dancing they looked so sweet and it reminded me of when i used to go with my nan and grandad.
Before we knew it it was time to get ready to party. I wore my new Simply Be cami dress, i really loved it but it was a little weird to be going out in a dress as I'm so used to shorts!

Not sure what i was doing here, but we clearly
party in style check to the hello
kitty cups!

We had such a good night out and i really had a great time, we danced the night away until our feet gave in and we headed back to the hotel. The next morning i was feeling very delicate and took myself down for breakfast at about 7am, never one to shy away from a selfie here i am hungover and hungry!

The next day it did rain unfortunately but it stopped long enough for us to go out and have a look around the shops, buy sticks of rock and snow globes for Lisa. I decided to go for comfit and wore my Yours playsuit.

On Saturday night we headed back out this time i was in my trusty shots and a Simply Be top that i had been lusting over for weeks before it went in the sale a few weeks ago.

Look how cute Lisa looks in the birthday dress

I had the best time ever with my favourite dancing partner, now to decide what town we need to explore next year for my birthday!


  1. You two crack me up! I'm glad you both had loads of fun. x x

  2. It sounds like you had a fab time! Your hair is looking amazing right now; it's such a good colour! Love it in the little buns with the bone hair clips! You look fabulous in the playsuit, too. xx


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