Friday, 4 July 2014

Spot The Cover Up

This is a dress i wore a few weeks ago to work, well i say a dress it was in fact sold as a beach cover up dress but what the label says it's for will never stop me wearing it however i want!


Ive had this dress for over a year but i hadn't got round to wearing it until a few weeks ago, so sadly its no longer available on the Simply Be website. I did however have a nosey around and Simply Be have this cute little number  which looks similar but with a super cute boat print instead. 


It feel like ages since I've wore a polkadot dress, my shorts obsession has sort of taken over recently but wearing this reminded me of how simple but fabulous looking a polkadot dress is!


I'm wearing a 22 in this dress and the fit is great, at first i thought it was going to be too tight over my boobs but the back is shirred so it has a surprising amount of give in this dress. The straps are detachable too so you could wear in as a strapless dress if you wanted.
I feel bad that such a cute dress spent so long in my wardrobe before being worn, am i the only person who does this ?


  1. I think it's really cute and totally looks more like a dress than a cover up!

  2. That's super cute. I love beachwear as every day clothes. x x

  3. Such a pretty dress! And I LOVE polka dots. You look fab as always x

  4. It looks like a dress to me! Either way, you look fabulous! xx


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