Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Denim Kisses

This is an outfit i wore a while ago but never got around to posting it as I've been pretty busy. I wore it to have a little nosey around Meadowhall with the Mr.


I was going through my wardrobe and spotted this denim shirt I've had for ages and decided i wanted to wear that and after a brief look over the floordrobe i decided to pair it with my lip print skirt. The shirt was from New Look last summer so its no longer online but you could always try ebay.


The skirt in another fab buy from Simply Be and its so easy to wear, it can easily be dressed up or kept casual. I went for a size 22 in this skirt and i think i could have sized down as when i walk around its a bit loose and it keeps spinning around me so the split on the back ends up at the front.


Before i bought this shirt i would have never have thought that I'd own a denim shirt, i really disliked them but after trying it on i was in love and now i have a few more too! 


  1. Mega cute love it! I still haven't worn that skirt xx

  2. You look amazing! I used to live in denim shirts when I was younger but haven't had one for a long time; I can't seem to find one I like that suits me. xx


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