Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Queen Of Hearts

As you might have seen in my last post i picked up a few bits from Asda recently and i wanted to share this amazing shirt with you.


This shirt was from the G21 section which unfortunately only goes up to a 20. I seriously wish Asda would make this range in a larger size range as it's usually got some amazing pieces in it.  The shirts really over sized so i managed to fit into the 20 with room to spare. I can fasten it all the way to the top with no gaping which is great.


The shirt is £14 although i got mine a little cheaper as one of the button holes was sewn shut so they knocked me 10% off. The shirt also came with a cute heart necklace which i love and i think it looks perfect with the shirt but I'm sure it'll get worn on its own too.


The shorts are the same ones from the previous post, i lifted the shirt up so you could get a better look. They don't have any stretch to them but they feel true to size for me and are really soft too. 


If I'd have seen this shirt online i would never have ordered it because even though it says over sized i wouldn't have though the size 20 would have fit without gaping so I'm really pleased that it was in store.


  1. Good find, then. G21 do have some cute pieves now and again!

  2. That's such a cute shirt! And no gape-age! This must be some kind of miracle shirt! xx


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