Monday, 7 July 2014

A Trip To The Supermarket

Supermarkets can be a great place to find some bargain pieces for your wardrobe so on my day off i decided to pop to the local Asda and have a good trying on session. I find my local Asda can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to larger sizes but its always worth a look.
I took quite a few pieces into the changing room and left with three so i didn't do too bad. Here are a few of the bits i tried on.

I did try some other stuff on too but i didn't get pictures of it all as my battery was dying. From these items i got the shorts and the vest from the first photo. I thought i would show you how they look in better light with a proper camera rather than my phone.


The shorts are a size 22 and were £8 which i thought was pretty good value and the vest was £6 so not overly priced at all. The vest is super comfy and soft and the 22 fit with quite a bit of room so it could easily fit a size 24 maybe bigger if you didn't mind a tighter fit.


 I also picked up a lovely over sized shirt which I'll be posting soon and this cute mouse face bag £8. I'm a bit of a sucker for bags that are animals faces, i was pulled in by a dog backpack too but i managed to resist.


Have you had any supermarket bargains recently ?


  1. Aww, I very rarely go to Asda as it's not well-placed for my house but that mouse bag is cuute!

  2. I love the vest and shorts, and the bag is so cute! I rarely ever go to Asda because my nearest one is about 20 miles away, but I do love their clothes, xx


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