Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Daisy Duke

I had this post scheduled then i remembered that it was the OMCZ challenge day so i have blagged it a bit!
This fortnights theme was an outfit inspired by a movie/tv character, I've decided with this post to go with daisy duke as she wears shorts shorts too. I'm annoyed with myself for forgetting as this theme was really fun and i can't wait to see the others inspirations.I've also just realised I'm wearing the same shorts from the last OMCZ post, but at least they are getting some good wear!
I recently went into Matalan  for a look at the Rogers and Rogers section and came out with a few bits. I got this dress which is great for work and I've already worn quite a few times and this shirt.
I decided to wear the shirt with my Asos curve shorts and my new converse pumps, i think this is the first time I've worn anything resembling a trainer on the blog!


I got the shirt in a size 24 and it's a good fit a little lose with no gaping over the bust when fastened. It comes with a cami but you can take that out and wear it sheer if you wanted to. For £16 i thought this was a really cute shirt, it comes just past your waist at the front but down to mid bum on the back.


The Rogers and Rogers range at Matalan goes from a 18 to a 30 and i found the size range in store to be good with quite a lot of different sizes available. The range has definitely improved from how it used to be and is one of the places i now look at rather than just walking past.



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  1. Looking good 'Daisy' and it's great to see Wilbur peeking out! I love Matalan, their plus range is so good. x x

    1. ha i had to wing it i can't believe i forgot! its so much better than it used to be xx

  2. Yeeeeee haaaaa. You look fab Hun xx

  3. Great outfit, love those shorts so much. :)

  4. Daisy is perfect for you. I did wonder if you'd pick her! Love the top as well. really cute x


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