Saturday, 22 June 2013

Whats Better Than One Dress?...

Well two of course! I was contacted last week by Curvissa who kindly offered me the chance to review an item from the site. There was a lot to choose from but i finally decided on this dress which had caught my eye awhile ago.


The great thing about this dress is its not just one but two dresses! You can war them together like i have done above or you can wear each separately.
I love them both together as you just see a glimpse of the stripy dress as you walk. I love the colours and patterns on both dresses, they are perfect for summer.


I was sent this dress in a size 24 which is a great fit for me as the floral part of the dress is button down and i often have to size up for this style. If you are smaller in the bust you could just go for your usual size.
I decided to keep the outfit simple with some unicorn flip flops and a messy bun, perfect for keeping cool in the lovely warm weather we had.


This is the under part of the dress, i love it on its own its a great length and it feels really nice on. It has some stretch to it but is a good quality fabric and i don't think it will loose its shape easily. Both parts of the dress are 100% cotton so will wash well and keep you cool on sunny days.


This is the top part of the dress worn on its own, again it looks just as lovely on its own as it does with both dresses together. In direct sunlight the top part of the dress can become a little see through but with light coloured underwear on it shouldn't be a problem.
If you want to get the dress its available here for £69 in sizes 14-32 and if its your fist order check out the discount code.
Here are a few other bits from the site which caught my eye

Maxi dress £45

Camel harem trousers £42

Print trousers £35

Ballet pumps £15



  1. I have the ballet pumps in Red and Black and they are so comfy! Those dresses look lovely x

  2. Oooh, I love the way they look layered together. The stripes peeping out the bottom of the dress is wonderful. :)

    1. Me too it's the first time I've seen a dress which is 2 layers that you can wear individually xx

  3. Pretty dresses. Really love the idea of layering both x

  4. Ooh what an awesome dress! I love how it's two dresses in one, but I think the floral part is especially pretty. You look lovely xx

    1. The floral is beautiful and so pretty I love it xx

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks hun I've worn the striped part of the dress quite a few times already it's perfect xx

  6. thats really clever being two in one. They are both lovely on their own as well as wore together xxx

    1. Isn't it it would be great for holidays ! I agree each is so lovely xx


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