Friday, 14 June 2013

Meet Wilbur

As i mentioned several times over the last weeks i couldn't wait to have my tattoo done and last Friday i finally had it done!
This pic is a little dark but i love it

He took just over 3 hours and was done by Padz at Lucky 13 I'm really happy with the tattoo. It looks just as i wanted him too purrrfect :)

It was recommend that i wet heal, which means to clean and cream 3 times a day and keep covered with cling film for 5 days, I'd never done this before but i can honestly say it has been amazing! its healed so well and I'm really pleased and i can't stop looking at him.
I plan to have a lady cat in a frame on my left thigh done by Padz again. I would definitely recommend him, he was super fast but with great results and the shop was really friendly too.
Finally its Friday! i can't wait for the weekend, i hope you have a great one.


  1. Great motif and great tattoo. :) I don't know when I have the money for my tattoo.

    Mel xoxo

    1. Thank you :) they can be expensive but I had saved a little xx

  2. I love this tattoo so much! It's so well done, and so you! I've only ever been told to apply bepanthen (sp?) cream twice a day to healing tattoos. Interesting to see how quickly it heals this way. And a lady cat would look awesome! xx

    1. It's almost done now just a little flaking but no scabbing which is fab ! Xx

  3. So cool! Love the design and the colours. :)


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