Friday, 19 July 2013


I was tagged by a few lovelies in their ABC posts so i decided to give it a go in case you want to know a little more about me! Thank to LouiseMel and Becky for tagging me and giving me an excuse to talk about myself!

Attached or Single?
Married for 2 1/2 years together for 8 1/2 years. Here is the Mr looking dapper

Best Friend?
I have lots of friends and they all have a special place in my heart even the ones i have only met once or twice! But i think my sista from another Mr must be the lovely Lisa.

Cake or Pie?
Pie but it has to be shortcrust pastry and no mushrooms! Then a bit of cake for desert maybe :P

Day of choice?
Can i just answer with any day off? I like a day where you have it all to yourself no work to go to and you can do whatever you want.

Essential Item?
My mobile, my Mr says that i never have it out of my hand but seriously you can do everything on these things now!

Favourite Colour?
I'd probably say purple because apparently leopard print isn't a colour :)

Gummy Bears or Worms?

Sheffield South Yorkshire

It has to be clothes really doesn't it?! 

January or July?
January as I'm not a lover of warm weather, plus in January i get to wear my faux fur.

Nope, never thank you. Unless they start coming with whiskers I'm not interested!

Life isn't complete without?
My Mr and my friends.

Marriage Date?
13th December

Apples or Oranges?
Both although i must confess i eat all of the apple apart from the stalk (so the middle and pips) which people find weird. I used to get told that I'd grow an apple tree in my belly because i ate them but no tree so far!

Spiders, they always seem to run at me and try to get me, also clowns as one chased me around the shopping centre when i was young, they are pure evil!

"Smile it increases your face value" Dolly Parton

Reasons to smile?
Lots of things make me smile everyday, the Mr, friends, family, my kitties and my wardrobes.

Seasons of choice?
Either Winter or Autumn, i prefer the cooler months and being able to wear layers and keep as hot or cool as i like. I can't deal with hot summers where i can't cool down.

Tag people.
I think anyone who wants to should give this a go, if you have a few minutes spare have a go, I'm a nosey person so i love to find out more.

Unknown fact about me?
I have done a few of these type posts now so I'm running out of facts! 
I cry solidly for the whole of the Green Mile from the minute it starts till the very end every single time i watch it. I actually think the crying gets worse the more times i 've seen it. The book also made me burst into tears on a crowded bus.

I like them all part from mushrooms,sweetcorn and tomato. My favourite is probably peas sometimes i just have a bowl full with mint and butter for tea.

Worst Habit?
I have a few but i don't see them as bad habits just character traits including, being a nosey parker or as i say inquisitive, not looking at things around me, and swearing.

X-ray or Ultrasound
I had both when i was younger but nothing since and I'd like to keep it that way, i don't like the doctors or hospitals.

Favourite Food?
I'm quite sure a few of my friend will laugh when write this but its Yorkshire Pudding, i even had a side of them when we went on a shopping trip.

Zodiac Sign?

So there was a bit about me hope I've not scared you off with my apple eating and yorkshire pudding love :)


  1. Hehe, Yorkshire Pudding but no gravy! It still makes me laugh that you added it as a side :) x

  2. Don't cry the whole movie, but I can't see a lot of the Green Mile clearly because of wet eyes.

    Love, Mel xoxo

  3. Aquarius here, too!!! :)

    Enjoyed reading! I'm the same with January, too. not a fan of this terribly hot weather. Bleh!

    Have a nice day! :)

  4. I cry at the Green Mile every time without fail! Poor John Coffey! I actually think it was the first Stephen King I ever read, as well! I'm also terrified of spiders, and some really do like to chase you. Eurgh! I like summer, but not this heat without a way of cooling down. Would love it to cool down just a little bit, even though it is gorgeous! xxx

    1. We are the same :) it was cooler yesterday which was nice but I was so hungover I didn't appreciate it xx

  5. I had a full-on break down when I watched the Green Mile. I literally had to leave the room to wail at the bit with the old man and the mouse. The worst bit for me was the bit at the end where the mouse is just so old and I felt so vulnerable and I was so mad that he didn't just keep the mouse in the house with him why did he keep it in a shed?! I would keep that mouse in my pocket at all times. When I had mice they lived in a space station in my bedroom and I understand that that probably wasn't an option then but he was in a box so why not just move the box indoors to where it's warm? I've never been able to watch it since because I am scared I will actually cry all of the liquid out of my body. I am literally tearing up right now because I am thinking about the tiny mouse face and his little whiskers and I am so sad and the old man and oh god oh no :'(

    1. You just nearly made me cry ! I still watch it but it kills me and I have to do it when I won't be going out the next day as my face swells up after so much crying xx


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