Monday, 22 July 2013

Are You A Funki Munki?

As you all know i love a good brooch or badge and i can never have enough. The lovely Leah and her hubby James have a great online badge store that you should all know about!
They very kindly offered me some badges and i headed off to the website to have a good nosey. There are lots of different categories and so many to choose from, but it gets better, you can ask for a custom badge to be made of anything you want!

When Leah told me they could do custom badges she offered to make me badges of my kitties which made me super happy. They are great now i can take my kitties anywhere.

How great are these?!

The Funki Munki Badges website is really easy to use but it is going to have a bit of a makeover soon so look out for that.The prices are really good too and i love how there are so many to choose from and designing your own means no one else will have it. The badges are a good size only 1 inch so you can wear several at once.
These are all available on the website if you want to get yourself some, and with 2655 to choose from you'll be spoilt for choice.

Ive already worn two of the badges out and they held in place well and didn't come open and stab me like some badges do.

Go and check out Funki Munki badges and design your own too!


  1. I am now giggling away at the gay and lesbian badges! Totes tempted to ask Leah to do me some Tinkerbell ones, though I don't know what I would do with them, I just think they'd be ace.

    I love the badges of your 3 cats, they're all super cute! x

    1. I can do you some if you want Beth! ;) x

    2. Thanks for doing this post Rachel! We love it. x x

  2. Loving these badges! Love the idea of doing custom badges of pets... would be a great way to remember deceased pets. xx

  3. Wow! I never knew Leah did badges, such a fab idea and there's loads I like on the site too!

  4. They are fabulous! Such a cool idea to customise your own badges too!


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