Wednesday, 3 July 2013

OMCZ Strapless

So the fortnights theme is strapless, now i own a few strapless items but i don't actually own a strapless bra, the way i see it Carrie Bradshaw got her bra straps out for years so why shouldn't i?!
I usually try however to match my bra straps to the colour of the item that I'm wearing so that it doesn't look quite so obvious but with this post i don't own a purple bra so i went without!

Now i found this dress while cleaning out my wardrobe recently, its one i got from Asos for my holiday a few years ago, but its now been relegated to a dress i wear around the house.


So there i am strapless dress and no bra, i was a little nervous for this challenge as i wanted to do something with no straps at all not even bra straps. I'm actually really happy with how the dress looks and i don't think it looks that bad without a bra.


The dress is super comfy and actually quite heavy for a summer dress, although i don't plan to wear this dress out and about again its great for relaxing around the house.


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  1. You can totally pull off the 'free range' look... great boobs! I can't do it myself as my boobs are too long and pointy - small children would be at risk of having their eyes poked out! Luckily I love bra straps (I quite like brightly coloured ones that clash with clothes) which is good because to this day I've never found a strapless bra that works for me. Although, my new gok / simply be body shaper might have made strapless an option, it feels like it would stay up and be comfy without making my boobs a wierd shape!

  2. You look amazing!!!
    Really should considering wearing outside!!

    Mary ;)*

  3. Beautiful dress. You look great and you really can wear this look. Love it! <3

  4. Blimey I wish my boobs looked that good with a strapless piece and no bra! :) xx

  5. You look great! I wish I could go bra-less :-( I think you can easily wear this outside the house x

  6. beautiful dress, it's so pretty and I love your angelic poses xx

  7. Woooooow!!looking good!def wear it outside!!get to a beer garden with some flipflops n sunnies!you go girl!


  8. You look fabulous and really can pull off the braless look! I wish my boobs looked as good as yours without a bra! I haven't gone braless since I was about eleven! xx

  9. I wish my boobaloos looked that good. Mine head east and west when not in a bra! You look fantastic. x x


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