Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fashion Rules

Its the out of my comfort zone challenge this week and this time the theme was breaking fashion rules. There are always "rules" around fashion and they are all a load of rubbish. Always dress for yourself and feel fabulous and stuff anyone who feels the need to comment otherwise.

Now i tend to break quite a few fashion rules as it goes, not for the purpose of breaking them just because i wear what i want to and no set of "rules" is going to stop me. So what do i wear when i rule breaking?
Stripes, I'm so sick of hearing that fat girls can't wear stripes. Fat,thin,tall or short you should wear what you want ! Never dress for someone else!


Shorts, i own my thunder thighs and i get them out with pride!


Sleeveless, if its warm my arms are coming out there's no two ways about it! I have seen comments about fat girls putting their arms away, but I'm not listening and never will.


The Body con! I love a body con dress so much and yes its fits my body and my body has lumps and bumps,  and i will never hide those. I love the way a body con makes me feel and the way i look in them. 


Those are a few rules that seem to on the list of don'ts when it comes to a fat girls wardrobe but do you know what? I feel fabulous in every single one of them! That's all that matters really, if you think you look great and feel good then wear it.
Here i am breaking a few other fashion rules
Never show cleavage and leg together. As far as I'm concerned get out as much flesh as you want and you are comfortable with.


Short girls shouldn't wear maxi dresses. What do i say to that?... Hell yes they should.


My last rule break is one that everyone gets told, you can't wear leggings as trousers. I say if you want to then do it. I see countless comments from people saying 'omg just seen a girl wearing leggings AS TROUSERS you could see her pants!!!!' Personally i don't care if i can see your pants if they offend me i won't look its pretty simple. 
I don't wear leggings as trousers, as up until recently i hardly owned anything other than dresses but i decided to dress up for you, enjoy!



So my advise on fashion rules is forget they exist and wear what you want and what makes you happy. If your not usually a rule breaker then give it a go you might like the feeling of being a rebel ;)
Check out the other rule breakers below,



  1. All of the outfits are lovely,especially the first one :o)

  2. I love all your outfits so keep on with the rule breaking as you look awesome x

  3. I love all of this! Where's that first dress from? It's AMAZING!

    Can't wait to see your face this weekend! x x

  4. I loveeee all of them, esp the first one! :) I was out one day, with a fellow plus sized gal, and I tried on a grey and white stripped blazer - and I LOVED it. I thought I looked adorable. Without hesitation, she replies, "You know fat girls can't wear stripes. This looks terrible on you!" I nearly cried. I put it back up, without even thinking about how I FELT about it. I regret not buying it .. :(

    Anyway - I found you via Leah! I look forward to reading more. I love all of your outfits as I had fun checking them out the other day. :)

    Thanks for sharing these!! :)

    1. Thank you :) that's awful ! I hope your not friends with her anymore what a horrible person. Fashion rules are a load of crap designed to make people feel bad about themselves. I hope you see another jacket and buy it this time I'm sure it looked super cute! Leah is the best isn't she ?! I'm glad you found my blog through her and happy rule breaking xx

    2. Awwww you two ;) Bless ya both! x x

    3. I am no longer friends with her - and afterward, I made sure she knew that she was not only hurtful to me, but hurtful to all trying to fight for body acceptance! We've parted ways, and I'm OK with that! :) I may have to go on a hunt for a grey/white stripped blazer. :) Ebay? ;)

      And Leah is pretty darn awesome for sure. :) I'm so glad I've found such amazing people on here - y'all have helped me learn to worry less about what others think of me, and embrace that I am pretty darn awesome. :) Hugs, Leah. You're very welcome. :) <3

  5. This has to be one of my favourite posts I've read in a while. I love all your outfits and you look so fab in them! I'm also trying to break down my "oops, can't wear that" mentality, and having fun while doing it :) xx

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it :) I really loved writing this one and going through all my pics. Thank you! I'm glad your getting rid of the rule book and enjoying it, and looking great while doing it there's no doubt xx

  6. Fantastic post! Reading yours and other plus size blogs has helped me to love my body. This summer is the first time in years I have worn shorts, and sleeveless tops without putting a cardie on to hide my arms in case my fat offends anyone. This past two weeks of sunshine it has been so liberating to enjoy my clothes and not be miserable sweltering in long skirts/trousers and long sleeved tops. Thank you :)

    1. Thank you Ali :) I love the plus size community it's so fun and welcoming and it great to see people wearing clothes you can buy rather than a dress that stops at a 14. That's great to hear! I'm glad your wearing what you want to that's the most important thing I'm sure you look super fabulous too! Thank you so much for the comment lovely xx

  7. you look amazing in every photo, rules shules! xxx

  8. You look absolutely amazing in every single outfit. You always do! My favourite is definitely the first one, though. Wow, you really rock those horizontal stipes. I hate all those fashion rules we're told we should follow as fat girls. It's ridiculous, and we're not going to look any smaller by complying with their rules. I say rules are made for breaking! I'm still working on baring my arms, but I did bare my legs outside today! xx

  9. LOVE this!! You've got great style and damn the man {that rule maker}. Wear what you want!

  10. I love … love … love … LOVE the striped maxi dress on you. It looks so great on you. <3 Fabulous.

    Love, Mel xoxo

  11. I love every single Outfit in this post! So glad, that I found your blog! You are stunning! xxx


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