Friday, 8 March 2013

A bit of beauty

I tend to use the nail polishes that i own and don't expand my collection unless i get some as a gift. I was very lucky recently and i won the lovely Beth's giveaway and in that i got some lovely polishes.

Then the lovely Lisa gave my a birthday gift with lots of lovely nail polishes in

So after getting all these you'd think i'd have enough polish to last a life time but the nail polish bug seems to have over come me !
While i was in superdrug the other day i picked up these Barry M polishes

Gelly Hi Shine in Satsuma & Textured polish
in Ridley Road

Red glitter polish & Pink Saphire glitter

Im sure its no surprise to anyone that while i was there i picked up 2 new lipsticks, I'm an addict I'm sure!
Traffc Jam & Blue Rose
I was lucky enough to get all of these on offer when i went into Superdrug, i have used the red lipstick and i must say it fab the colour is great and its lovely and soft on your lips i'd definitely recommend it and a bargain at  £1.99!
I also got some great bargains at Tesco the other week, not beauty related but i thought id share them,

Black faux fur collar £4, Blue angora beret £2.50
Purple angora beret £2.50
I'm not sure how to wear the beret so any tips would be welcomed thank you :)

Have you been buying any beauty bargains recently?


  1. The red glitter Barry M is amazing, I love mine!

    1. I haven't used it yet but I can't wait too :) xx

  2. You and i seem to have the same taste in nail polish :D

    i can reccomend Opi liquid sand if you like textured :D

    And have you ever tried nail transfers?

    1. This was my first textured one I used it the other day and couldn't wait to get it off its deff not for me.i have tried nail wraps but mine are uneven so didn't work but I haven't heard of transfers what are they? Xx

    2. if you search nail transfers on ebay they come up as water transfers. i did them the other day and had tetris nails, i can email you a pic if you want. basically its like temporary tattoos and you cut out the design from the sheet. Using tweezers hold it in water until the back comes away and then lay it on your nail. let it dry and then cover with clear polish.

      You can get loads of different ones. i have casino ones, tetris and butterflies and im buying panda ones soon!

    3. Omg they sound amazing I'm going to have a look now I'll get my google on :) thank you lovely xx

    4. You're welcome :) They are so easy to do as well :)

  3. lovvve the sparkly models own nail polish! perfect for parties!
    would you like to follow each other?

  4. Great post! You've got some great nail polishes; love the Barry M Raspberry and what I'm guessing is Cyan Blue??, Models Own Indian Ocean and MUA Frozen Yoghurt. I really want that Barry M red glitter one. The collar and berets look great. I tend to wear berets quite far back covering the back of my head and I think they go perfectly with awesome dresses xx

    1. I'll have to try wearing one like that :) thank you ! I love all my new polishes except the textured one that wasn't for me xx


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