Saturday, 2 March 2013

Accessorise your way out of the crowd

I really love quirky jewellery i i think it's one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. I enjoy wearing loud over the top accessories from time to time and i love how they can make an otherwise "safe" outfit more out there.
One of my favourite shops is Life's Big Canvas which is owned by the lovely Chloe. She sells and makes her own jewellery as well as stocking lots of other artists.
She very kindly sent everyone on her email subscription list a £5 gift code which was a very nice surprise. I have been stalking a few things on the site so it didn't take me long to have spent my voucher plus some!
Here's what i bought


The first thing i added to my basket was the badger head brooch by Fox Bunting mine for £6.50. It is made from wool and stuffed so he is 3d. Isn't he lovely!?



The next thing to make its way into my basket was this beautiful necklace


The bow is made from a page of a story book but had been treated so it keeps its shape as a bow. I must admit its much larger that i had imaged but that just makes it even better! This was in the sale for £12.50 and I'm really glad i snapped it up.



The last item i added to by basket was this squirrel brooch which i had looked at a few times but when i saw that if you spent over £20 delivery was free i added it in. The brooch was £8 but isn't on the site anymore. It was by Butterscotch and Beestings who's website is here if you wanted to have a look.


I really love Life's Big Canvas every time you click onto the site or pop in store there are more fabulous things to look at and buy. It really is like a little cove of treasures.
Here are a few of my favourite pieces

I love the flowers and i think the bronze gives it a old fashioned look available here.

Button cuff available here.
It might not be Christmas but i love this reindeer necklace available here.

Whats you favourite piece from the shop?


  1. So so quirky, I love them all, especially the tabby bow and ring. Gorgeous!!!!

  2. Ooh I love it all, but especially the badger and squirrel. *Grabs at screen*. I love my quirky accessories just as much as you do. I love accessorising with something a bit different or a bit silly. I'm going to teach myself how to make my own jewellery when I can afford to- first stop Sylvanian Families brooch haha! xx

    1. They are lovely aren't they?!
      It's really easy to do the sv brooches you just need them,a glue gun and brooch backs then just glue :) xx

  3. It's all sooo lovely.I won the giveaway over at seeingsp0ts and can't wait for my new necklace to arrive! Fingers crossed it'll be this week sometime xx

  4. wow that badger is so cute and unusual!

  5. My fave thing is the unicorn in a purple setting. It's super-cute, so is the green one! x x


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