Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pre loved

Today's post is an outfit i wore to work last week i have had this dress for a while and i had forgotten about it but upon foraging in the third wardrobe it caught my eye. When i first got the dress i loved it and it has been worn a few times but when i wore it to work last week i realised i'd fallen out of love with it. I still love the way it looks and the print and pattern but i just didn't feel right in it. However i was measuring a dress to send off to a twitter friend and thought i'd measure this one too for her and send a picture. She loves this dress so its going to it's new home where it will be worn with love. I love it when this happens, I've had clothes before that others no longer love but i want to keep forever, i think this is why i loved the swap so much.


I wore the dress with my new tesco cardigan, black tights and pumps from primark and my reindeer necklace from dolly darling. I wore the necklace not because it's christmasy just because i like reindeer's and i think this one is super cute!


As my lovely mr takes these pictures for me i thought it was time he was in front of the camera so here we are, me pulling a weird face and the mr looking sad (it was time to go to work).


Have you re-discovered something recently only to find you no longer love it? 


  1. I LOVE the necklace!
    Also, yay for hairy husbands :D xxx

  2. I love that dress, Used to have it myself too, but the boob area was too low for me to hide said boobs.

    1. I used to love it but it just didn't feel right when I wore the other day :( xx

  3. Aww but it looks so cute on you. The red cardi is great on you, too. Hello Mr Rachel! xx

    1. Thank you I did like how it looked but it felt wrong somehow but I have plenty more to wear xx also a hello from the mr xx


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