Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Day 15 - Your favourite nail polish and your collection

I've only started to paint my nails about 3 years ago and I'm still not amazing at it. I dont think I really have a favourite polish but I do prefer bright colours. I never really have a plan about how I'm going to paint them i just pick the first polish that jumps out at me and i never match it to my outfit! Here is my collection
these are my nail art pens,the first two are primark
 and £1.50 each the other models own and about £6

these are barbara daley for telco

the rimmel polish was free with a dorothy perkins order  last year
and the gosh is from superdrug

these are all 17 from boots

these are barry m the top ones are the crackle effect
and the bottom just solid colour


  1. Love your collection! I never realised Primark did nail pens. Are they any good? I love Barry M too!

    1. i didn't until i was stuck in a super long queue the other week and saw them in a pot by the tills. i think they are just as good prob won't last as long but for £1.50 rather that £6 i think they are great xx

  2. I'm loving the crackel and animal print glazes around at the moment...OMG! You have quite the collection! lol


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