Saturday, 26 May 2012

Day 26 - Whats in your bag

The simple answer is a lot of crap lol! The bag itself is Irregular Choice and was bought for me by the hubby for no particular reason a year or so ago. I use the bag pretty much everyday, i do change my bag when I'm going out but this is my go to work bag and i rarely ever take anything else to work with me. I love the material of the bag it has sort of a woollen effect with suede and leather trims. Its really roomy inside and as with all Irregular choice bags it has their signature pattern on the bottom and a lovely velvet inside.

Now onto the contents of my bag, I'll point out i did clear my bag out a week or so ago so it wasn't anywhere near as full as usual.
Here are the main bits, my iPhone because i would go anywhere without it !, my sunglasses and its been quite sunny around here the last few days,my actual glasses because i can't actually see further than my arm and a book, i will usually have either a book or my kindle depending on what I'm reading at the time.

Next is my purse which was from accessorize last year, a mini make up bag from primark, the only thing i keep in this is my lush lip scrub (so the sugar doesn't go everywhere is it comes open) my simon's cat diary which was a xmas gift for the hubby, earphones, sanitiser and a mints tin.

Then we have my crap, as i mentioned earlier i recently cleaned out my bag so this is no where near the usual amount i have. So lets see there is a mcdonalds coffee card and a handmade burger company card, a post it i made into a heart shape. a heart shaped card from my nan, a recipe for a herman cake (I've not made it), some envelopes i don't even post anything so why i have these is a mystery an finally receipts, i never get rid of these they just get shoved into my bag and then on my annual bag cleaning mission ill get rid of them!

So thats whats in my bag whats in yours ?
Hope your all enjoying your weekends


  1. I love the pattern on the bottom of the bag, and your make up case and purse are really cute. I love those sugar scrubs, but one once exploded over everything in my bag. It wasn't fun clearing it out!

    1. I thought that would probably happen to me so I keep it in the little bag they are really good though xx

  2. She isn't kidding when she says there is usually more crap in the bag! This is extremely tidy compared to usual!


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