Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day 6- something out of your comfort zone

I always wear dresses or playsuits something about separates just doesn't click with me. However I love this outfit, the skirt is from Dorothy Perkins years ago and the cat jumper is from asos curve again ages ago. I think I love this because it's cats and polka dots, my favourites! I always see tops and skirts that I like but I don't buy them because I know I'll never wear them. I love to see how other people put them together but apart from this outfit I never feel comfortable.
Do you have something that's out of your comfort zone but you love to wear?


  1. i remember that jumper, i always regretted never buying it! you shud try seperates more often. xoxo

    1. Thanks I might try I managed to get the jumper in the sale for £9 sometimes I see them on eBay so you might get lucky xx

  2. I love that jumper it looks super cosy! It goes really well with your skirt too! I'm doing the FBlogger challenge too!


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