Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day 27 - Inspired by your style icon

I don't really look at celebs or people in the public eye and think i want to dress like them. The person that i have always looked up to not just for style but in everyway is my nan. When i was younger i would spend at least half of my week at my nan and grandads as i went to school near their house. When i was younger my nan would always have a nice dress on and a cardigan, maybe this is where my dress and cardigan obsession came from, and a pair of heels. She always looked, and still does look great. On certain friday nights her and my grandad would go dancing and i went with them. I loved going with them to ballroom dancing everyone dressed up and my nan would wear her special dancing shoes, she had lots of different pairs and i enjoyed trying them all on and dressing up in her jewellery and faux fur. I think without meaning to i have taken several parts of her style and now wear it as my own. My nan had lots of shoes,dresses and cardigans and surprise surprise so do i. I took pictures of a few of the things that either remind me of my nan or are hers and i now own.
When i was young my nan would give my her handbag to carry my crayons and things
in it was just like this but burgundy i lost it moving when i was younger so i was very happy
when found this at the vintage fair

My nan always uses elnet and i can't smell it without being reminded of her
now its the only hairspray i use.

My nans brooch she gave me from her jewellery box
before i got married 

I wore this one on my wedding day

I always remember my nan having a red dior lipstick and i loved how it smelt
now i own the same shade of red and purple although i don't think my nan
would wear that!

One of the things i always used to dress up in was my nans faux fur
so now i have several of my own and i love them

These are pearls from my nans jewellery box i was so happy as a
teenager when she gave me these and it started a bit of an obsession
as you can see below 

So who's your style icon?
I hope your enjoying your weekend, thanks you for stopping by.


  1. I love this post! Your Nan is awesome :) xx

  2. Wow you both have such great taste! Your Nana sounds super stylish! Love all the cameos and pearls. xx

    1. Thank you I love the brooches they are my favourite xx

  3. You truly are a 'old lady at heart'

  4. I bought some pearls today and love them! Not real mind you but a pretty good copy x

    1. I love real and fake pearls they just look do pretty xx

  5. I wish my Nans had been GLAM! I want to learn Ballroom dancing with Mr so we can be the old couple at weddings putting all the young ones to shame! :) Love your pearl collection and everything about this post! <3<3<3

    1. Thanks :) I liked going it was so fun swing dancing is really cool too but I'd be out of puff pretty quickly lol my nan is the best I always played dress up in her stuff I still would if she wasn't so tiny :) xx


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