Friday, 11 May 2012

Day 11- Your spring essential

For me this is a cardigan, they are small enough to take off and carry if your warm and perfect to wear to keep off the chill in the air. I love them I have a whole wardrobe section dedicated to them (and they are organised in print order) ! So here are some of my favourites most are old so i can't remember the price sorry.
What's your spring essential?
This is from asda i liked it so much i got it in blue too!
This is from Dorothy Perkins. I love the penguins.

This is from G21 at Asda

This is another Dorothy Perkins one.

This is from Matalan it reminded me of  cardigans my nan would wear i love it.


  1. Aww you have the most adorable cardies!<3<3<3
    Penguins! Too cute!! \^^/
    Would say they are essential to my wardrobe as well. ^^ Can`t live without cardies. ^^d
    Have a great weekend! ^^/ MMxoxo

  2. ok the bunnies, dogs and nana cardi have me wanting cardis in my life! I have always been more of a shrug person but you have made me see the cardi light! lol :D xxx

    1. Cardigans are the best ever! Look into the knitted cardigan light and all will be clear :) xx

  3. OMG you have the BEST cardigan collection! I love cardis; they're my essential too, though right now I haven't got that many as I recently threw all the faded, and shapeless ones away.

    1. Thanks i love them I can never get rid of them :) think I'll cry when I finally have to lol xx

  4. There are loads more she has a very compulsive personality lol

  5. all ur cardigans are adorable lol good spring essential xoxo


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