Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day 31 - The thing your obsessed with at the moment

So according to my hubby i have a very obsessive personality and once i decide i like something i have to have as many as i can. So my previous obsessions have been books once i decide i like an author i buy all of their  books. This started with Stephen King i love his work and have all his books except the dark tower series as it isn't really my cup of tea but still amazingly well written. So it started with The Stand and now every time a new book comes out my hubby or my mum will get it for me as a present. I decided i liked my hair in headscarfs and now i have about 20 different scarfs. I also find it very hard to choose so if i have two dresses in my basket i usually end up buying both! I own lots of dresses,cardigans, bags and shoes all for the same reason once I've started buying i can't stop. So with a slightly obsessive personality and a hoarding tendency, i really don't like to get rid of things i much prefer to see other people get use from them before i just throw them out, i have lots of things i can show you that I'm obsessed with. Here are a few      

My Stephen King collection along with Sophie Kinsella
and Mandasue Heller. i do have a 2nd and 3rd bookshelf
and now a kindle.

My wardrobe my lovely hubby built the 3rd one for me
at the weekend now all my clothes have a home

My lipstick collection

My ring collection there are squillions

I have all my shoes in the original boxes and they all have a
photo of the shoes on the box.

So this is the last day of the challenge can honestly say I've really enjoyed it. I have managed to do all the posts and although some we not all about fashion i hope you enjoyed them. I have enjoyed reading all of your too.
So tomorrow it will be june how has the year gone so quickly?!
Hope your all having a nice week and have some fun plans for the weekend. Thank you for reading and a big hello to all new readers and followers.


  1. oooh look at those books! Amazing! I think Im a lot like yourself, once Im hooked on something I need it all. My cupboards are jam packed but I cant throw anything away haha. Ive recently bought a Kindle though, to save space as I have 3 big massive boxes of books, if only I could save space with everything else haha! xox

    The Style Monster

    1. My mr got me one last year I love it but I'll still have to buy Stephen king in print to keep my collection going! Obsessive much lol I've got no space anywhere xx

  2. Ahhhh love your lipstick collection! I have the same amount :D


    1. Thanks I love lipstick I went into boots for 1 and came out with 6 ! Xx

  3. Our tastes are so similar it's freaky! I'm a big Stephen King fan and The Stand is my favourite. One of my favourite books ever! I'm trying to work my way through all of his books except Dark Tower as they're not to my taste!

    I also have a tendency to obsess over things in phases. Very envious of your jewellery and lipstick collections, too!

    1. maybe we were separated at birth?! dark towers not for me either i have read the first one but the dialogue was a bit crazy for me. I'm a sucker for rings especially from primark as they are usually only a £1 or £2 and I'm a bit of a sucker for a red or vibrant pink lipstick most of the colours are similar but i can't not buy them xx

    2. I really think we might have been! I tried reading one and couldn't get in to it so gave them away. I haven't had a browse in Primark for so long! Haha there's always a slight difference and it makes a difference!


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