Friday, 1 June 2012

Dolly Darling pretties

Since Georgina from cupcakes clothes opened up dolly darling i would go onto the site and have a nosey at all the pretties, and there are lots of them, but until monday id never placed an order. I went on for a look and saw the most amazing deer brooch i knew i had to have it so i placed an order for that and a reindeer necklace. I could have ordered lots more but my bank wouldn't have been very happy! So for now its just those, although after the super fast delivery and lovely service i will definitely be re ordering again in the future. As i said i ordered on monday and by wednesday it was here. Along with my invoice i had been written a nice note to ensure i enjoyed my accessories and a 10% discount code for the next time  ordered, which i thought was a really nice touch. When i opened my package out came my goodies
I really like the design on the card its so cute
The box my brooch came in was tied with hello kitty ribbon
I love hello kitty so this made me smile

Here you can see my rain reindeer  necklace which i love and
yes i do plan to wear it in june!
Georgina also included so little stickers one of which is a
sausage dog.

The deer brooch in the box and below stood up on her own
out of the box isn't it just the best brooch ever?!

I really like the extra touches that have been put in such as the discount code and the extra stickers and the little rabbit which i think might be a rubber. These things may only be small but i think they add a little extra special touch that you wouldn't get from a big company when you place an order.
Overall i am very happy with my purchases and plan to make more in the future. Go and take a look at the website if you haven't before, there are some really cute bits including rings,necklaces and charms.
Now what to wear my brooch with ??
Its friday and it couldn't have come quicker for me i hope you all have a great weekend thank you for reading.


  1. The necklace and the brooch are both really cute - and I think it's totally acceptable JUne wear. I looked at the website this morning and am rather tempted.

    1. There is some really nice things isnt there I want it all ! Xx

  2. awwww I love those! they are gorgeous, so unusual! xox

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  3. Oh my God that brooch is the most amazing accessory ever! How cute?! Love the packaging too. I'm off to have a nosy!

  4. OMG Rachel, what have you done to me? I want it all NOW! Everything is so me. I'll be ordering as soon as I have some money!

    1. its all so cute isn't it? i won a necklace yesterday from there in a twitter comp i got all excited i the restaurant when i found out let me know what you end up buying xx


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