Friday, 15 June 2012

Shopping ban

So i recently decided to impose a shopping ban on myself. This might sound like a crazy idea but having nearly filled my third wardrobe i realised that i have lots of beautiful clothes yet i keep buying more before with others have been worn. Its not a very long ban i have seen others like dino princess char do a 100days ! Now that i know i would never manage but I've decided to go until the 24th of july. I have put in place one little caveat , and that is plus north, if while I'm there something comes up that is too good to miss out of then i will buy it.But i will not do any other clothes shopping in that time.
So while I'm on a shopping ban I've been torturing myself by browsing online at all the lovely things i would usually add to bag and checkout!
Here are all the lovelies I'm wanting right now
Asos curve
Jersey playsuit £19.50
Aztec playsuit £24.50

Spot print dress £25

Simply Be
Polkadot dress £40
Contrast collar dress £38
E1 leopard print knot dress £55
Ax Paris

Polka dot dipped hem dress £35
Polkadot summer dress £38
So these are just a few of the things I've been lusting after.
What have you been lusting after recently?


  1. I love your picks- especially the ASOS dotty dress, and the red Very one. You're going to look fabulous in the yellow AX Paris one!!

    Spending bans are evil! I never last too long when there are so many nice things to buy xx

    1. i love that asos one to and £25 isn't a bad price either. aww thnk you i hope so you look greg in yours! I'm hoping that i can last the distance fingers crossed! xx

  2. i loove the jersey playsuit! so pretty xx

    1. me too i thinks its a really cute take on leopard print xx

  3. Good luck on the ban! I dont think I could go the distance! :)

  4. Thank you I'm crossing my fingers that I can ! Xx

  5. I LOOOOVE that aztec playsuit!! Also ~I think i may copy you and impose a shopping ban aswell!


    1. me too shame about the ban! there seems to be quite a few people trying a shopping ban at the min give it a go saving a few pennies can only be a good thing :) xx

  6. honestly skip the spot dress, the spots are with gross fabric paint and really badly done!


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