Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Brooch love

So as you may or may not know i love brooches and pins. I like how they can add extra character to an outfit. I have quite a collection so i decided to show you them. Now I've been collecting brooches for a while so i can tell you where i got things but they are probably no longer in stock.
Simon cat badges-forbidden planet
Rabbit - ebay
Deer- Dolly darling

Lightning bolt- Asos
Large and small birds both-Primark
Cancer ribbon-Gift from my nan,It has a section
of colour for every type of cancer

Pink ribbon-Avon
Cat pin- Animal charity in the street

Cat face-octopus boutique
Flowers-Cancer research charity shop
Blue cameo and red cameo-Gift from my nan
Bow cameo-Gift
Heart cameo-Vintage fair

Cat in fish bowl and sitting cat-Pop vintage
Rabbit-Vintage fair
Hello kitty-Stall in the mall
Cat with mouse-Topshop
Two cats sitting-Pop vintage


Nappy pin with poodle-Accessorize
Red and Blur bows-Primark
Pink ribbon-Avon

As you can see a lot of my brooches come from primark or vintage fairs/shops. I love quirky brooches to add a little extra to my outfits. Its too hard for me to pick a favourite but i do love the rabbit with the pearl face. Do you have any favourites?
Do you like brooches to accessorise or do you prefer another type of jewellery?


  1. Wow, great collection! I especially love the deer and the rabbit in the first pic, the cameos, and the moustache.

    I love brooches and pins. I don't own many right now, as I got rid of so many in a clear out. I used to have quite a few vintage ones from Camden but most of them started to fall apart xx

    1. Me too I love finding new ones :) I hate that with the old ones when they break it makes me sad :( xx

  2. You're so right they really do add character! You have a fab collection, love the cameo ones

    1. Thank you I'm sure after my shopping ban is over I'll be buying more xx

  3. Ohh you have so cute broochs...:)) And thank you for sharing the stores and shops names. Expecially I like your cat broochs and cameos so so much..
    Best wishes.. x...

    1. No problem I hope she is able to find something thank you I love the cat ones too xx

  4. I love your brooch collection! I am a brooch addict, too. :) I have a ton! I'm making the bouquet for my wedding out of vintage brooches, which has led my collection to multiple by an incredible amount because now I can justify it! haha xo amelia

    1. i love that its such a cute idea for a bouquet and the fact you have chosen all the brooches makes it even better i hope you put in on the blog when you've got married so we can all see it xx


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