Monday, 16 February 2015

You Beauty

I hope everyone has had a good weekend i have spent it relaxing with the Mr and watching a whole season of Drag Race i seriously cannot get enough of it! Anyway onto today's post which is just a quick one to show you this months beauty box.
My first choice this month was L'Occitane almond hand cream. I always need a hand cream as my hands tend to get very dry and i hate the way they feel when they are dry so hand cream is something i will always use. This is pretty small at 10ml so it will be good to pop into my handbag, you can buy a travel size 30ml from their website for £8 so this is worth about £2.60. I've used this a few times it smells nice and dry easily but it didn't wow me.

My second choice was In.Fused coconut body scrub, i chose this as nothing else really jumped out at me in this months choices and I've been looking for a good body scrub. I have only used this once since it came and it was a really good scrub, it was quite rough on the skin which i like and it smells like coffee with a hint on coconut. The Mr came in as i was using it and said i smelt like an espresso so it gets a thumbs up from him! It does look like you have been rubbing coffee or soil over you when you put it on but it washed off quite well and it left my skin feeling like had used a really rich moisturiser. I got 100g which is the trail size, you can get this from their website for £18.99 for 200g which makes this sample worth £9.50. I do like this but at £18.99 for the full sized product it's out of my price range.

Lastly my free samples this month were Lindt milk truffles and bareMinerals foundation. 

I love chocolate but i not a truffle girl so these won't get eaten and i haven't worn foundation since i was about 16 so that won't be used either. The contents of my box was more than the £6.95 i paid for it but its the second month in a row that i haven't been wowed by the choices on offer, however i do like to get a monthly box and i always use the products i get so for now i will continue to subscribe.
Do you subscribe to You Beauty ? What are your thoughts on the recent choices?

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  1. I love L'Occitane hand creams; they're so good. I particularly love the Cherry Blossom and Verbena scents, but almond is gorgeous too. Shame you don't wear foundation as I hear the Bare Minerals ones are really good. xx


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