Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Perfect Jeans

This is a pretty casual outfit that i wore to go to see a late night film with the Mr. I wanted to be warm and comfortable and this outfit hit the spot.


These jeans are amazing!!! I saw them on the Simply Be website and fell in love but i was unsure what size i would need and if they would stretch enough to fit my calves. A few weeks ago i went into the pop up store in Meadowhall and spotted the dark indigo version of these so i picked them up and headed to the changing room. After trying on the 22 in these i decided to size down to a 20 as these are really stretchy and the size 20 still has a fair bit of room in them.


These jeans are super soft with plenty of stretch i have them now in all 3 colours as i simply couldn't resist. These are the light acid wash ones available here for £35 which i don't think is bad for what is basically a second skin. I cannot praise these jeans enough, i was going on about  them so much Lisa has ended up buying them too!


The top is an old one from Evans that I'd actually not worn in forever so i decided to give it an outing although looking at the pictures I'm not sure if it will be one that i keep.


Lastly i wore my super amazing burger trainers which were in that sale for £15 at Schuh. The Mr has been trying to get me into a pair of converse for the last 10 years but I've always resisted thinking the would be uncomfortable or not really me. These however are burgers, so that swayed me and i ordered them. As you can see i haven't fastened them all the way up to the top as my ankles are pretty chunky. I also found them surprisingly comfortable too which is always a bonus.
I hope you are all having a great weekend, having gone out last night to celebrate my birthday I'm nursing a giant hangover right now!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on these jeans - they look really good on you. I always struggle to find ones that fit my waist, hips, and legs, so these look like a great option.

  2. You look amazing! Love those jeans; the wash is gorgeous and they look like they were made for you. I think the top is really cute, too, and the Converse are so cool! I love Converse and have a few pairs, but usually go for the low tops now because I find them more comfortable, (Wide feet, chunky ankles, lol). By the way, if you find they make your feet sore by the end of the day, add some insoles to them- they make them much more comfortable. xx

  3. Oh, do keep the t-shirt- it's awesome!


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